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If you’re still eating pork are you a swino?

What’s up pandemics?

Today is the first day there’s been a daily drop in the numbers for the new flu that’s going around.

I’ve refrained from making fun of the hype or anything related to swine flu, mainly because people have died, but I have to admit some of it has been funny. (scroll down)

What do you think of the name change?

We’ve been out and about as usual, but I’ve been vigilant about hand washing. Though being a parent means I’m always washing hands anyway, so I’m in practice.

Are you doing anything to avoid contact with the germs?


Go green this weekend

This weekend (May 2-3) the Living Green Expo is taking place at the State Fair grounds. According to the website, “The annual Living Green Expo is a free, family-friendly event that inspires people to lead healthier and more sustainable lives.” Sounds like a great time, especially if it’s going to be nice out. The best part is, you can print off a Go Greener pass and take the bus there for free. And who doesn’t love free rides and metro transit? (okay well, free rides at the very least)

Some local flavor, web style

I spend a lot of time on the web. Here are some site with local ties that I have fallen in love with:

Mullet Like Me: This is the blog of a local gent who is on a mission-discover what life is like if you have a mullet. Every post is gold.

Bachmann Watch: This site is dedicated to taking down Michelle Bachmann. I cannot tell you how funny this site is, no matter which side of the aisle you are on. Does it feel like a tabloid to anyone else?

Attempt to weaken Minnesota smoking ban fails

More strange from the Iron Range: at a time when the state is facing a huge budget gap, the House, Senate and Governor’s opposing proposals threaten another end-of-session train wreak and we have Swine Flu to worry about, Rep. Tom Rukavina offers an amendment to weaken the state’s smoking ban.  Rukavina’s “smoking room” amendment failed, as did another amendment to allow “smoking shacks.”

Festival of Nations this weekend

Call me a seventh grader if you want to, but I love the Festival of  Nations. As a seasoned traveler who has spent plenty of time in Mexico, Spain and Chile, I look forward to any event that gives me a taste of these countries. The FoN has delicious food from many different cultures and an awesome bazaar. Best of all (for me at least) is that there will be Chilean musicians and dancers performing this year. Bacán.

Check out this year’s Festival of Nations program (PDF).

Found on Craigslist: Phantom of the Opera Chandelier

It may just look like an average $75 Menard’s lighting fixture, but the description makes it so much more than that…

This is an iron and glass Gothic affair with brown variegated accents.

It is weighty. If we had a castle, we would place this fixture on the rampart next to the entry portcullis. Any beseigers not repelled by boiling oil could have this fixture dropped on their heads, to gruesome and deadly effect.

Buy it here.

That’s Racist!

Chris Stewart is in the news again and once again it involves alleged charges of racism against Burroughs Elementary Principal Tim Cadotte and the entire Burroughs community.
According to the Star Tribune

A southwest Minneapolis school principal was placed on paid administrative leave Monday after an unannounced visit from a school board member escalated into an argument between the two men last week that included charges of racism, district parents said.

Board Member Chris Stewart made a surprise visit to Burroughs Elementary School on Friday during which he called Burroughs Principal Tim Cadotte and the entire school community racist, parents said

I’m a little disappointed the Strib would run this story as a story about racism and only cite the nebulous “parents”, whom I doubt were even present during the meeting between Stewart and Cadotte.

Also what is up with the editing at the Strib?
How did “parents” becomes “Parents”?

Parents said he received a call from district headquarters after Stewart’s visit and was summoned to appear before Deputy Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson on Monday

Ugh. Who knows if any of this is true, but Stewart does have what could be called a rabble-rouser past so the thought of him calling an entire community racist isn’t totally unfathomable; it just seems unlikely.

This entire situation leaves me with one predominant thought, and that’s why can’t the Minneapolis School Board keep it’s laundry private?

Does anyone think this does any good for the kids and isn’t doing good for the kids the School Board’s job?

Won’t somebody think of the children?

Because the Internet loves Irony

Oberstar stuck in traffic, misses transportation meeting

U.S. Rep. Jim Oberstar, the House’s heavyweight on transportation policy, planned to endorse an environmental group’s report on public transit solutions today.

But he missed the group’s press conference — because he was stuck in Washington, D.C.’s notoriously gridlocked traffic.

There’s no mention of how late he would have been had he ridden his bike.

Vikings Draft!

All you armchair quarterbacks, it is your time to shine. The NFL Draft is coming up. The Vikes pick 22nd. Lets hear your thoughts on what they should do:

My opinions:

  1. Pick a quarterback, and actually put your trust in him. I doubt even Tom Brady could handle the constant fear of not starting that Childress has in our current quarterbacks.
  2. Dont do anything stupid in the draft. Make sure that every pick counts-we are running out of “rebuilding” seasons, and we are going to start losing the truly good Vikings while we try and develop the rest of the team.

Minneapolis Farmers Market

The Minneapolis Farmers Market starts this weekend (April 25). And they have a Twitter account! Nice move. Hopefully they have more to say than “The first day is April 25,” though. Beyond what can be immediately assumed from “Minneapolis Farmers Market,” there are people (like me) who have never been, don’t know what to expect, and need just a little convincing to actually go. I did check out their website, though. I feel sort of ashamed being Minnesotan and never having gone to one, although I’m not sure why…

Is anyone particularly excited about the farmers market starting?

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