How many bicyclists I could have injured this winter

Way too many.

My commute to work used to be a fast fly down Portland Ave…which is one of the “best” frontage roads for 35W I have ever seen-as well as it’s sister road, Park Ave. Why so many folks sit on 35W in traffic is beyond me. Get on Park or Portland and get the hell off that stupid 35W already.

While I understand why bicyclists love to bike; save money, good exercise, better for the environment or “they just love it”….stay in the bike lanes no matter what or decide that YOU getting hit by a car is a good idea.   And what are you doing biking around in 6″ of snow? I can’t tell you how many times driving home on Park Ave, I almost nailed umpteen bikers who decided that the bike lane was full of cars/snow, etc…and had to bike in the vehicle lanes. It was so bad, that I actually yelled at one, and I never do that…even when I am fully pissed off. To be honest, I don’t even know the rules of the road for the bikers, I’m sure they have rights too…but my truck is a big 4×4, and I can only squeeze in so close to the car next to me. I’m not risking hitting another car and causing a big fat accident because you dedided to “bike to work in shitty weather”.

Moving on…I came out of the Bulldog on Lyndale one nice afternoon to find that my left mirror was knocked back and the orange turn blinker plastic piece was knocked off. HAHA….I knew what happened! A biker nailed it! But you see, there is no bike lane on Lyndale….and let me remind you, it’s a TIGHT drive for the cars at any rate. 2 lanes each way and parked vehicles…leaves very little room for bikers. Lyndale is so fast and busy, I could never imagine riding my bike down Lyndale EVER. That biker was lucky that my mirrors have the bounce factor, so they didn’t get too hurt. Now my plastic orangey piece did get knocked off while I was zipping down the freeway and I have to replace it someday, just a side note.

The final straw for me was just a few days ago. I was at a red light…at the Franklin/Blais intersection going west. I see a biker sitting on a green light on Blais, she was stopped. I was thinking ‘hmm, what is wrong with her, get going!”. Nope. She continues to sit and while I am waiting at my red light, seeing the other green go yellow…..she now just decides to put her ass on the seat and adjust her feet. YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME….yep, as soon as I have the green (and of course I taken off…), she starts to move the peddles (very slowly too btw) and I’m like SHE IS STUPID.  I wanted to see what her plan was knowing I had the green light, and she was going to knowingly cross on a red….going slow–I figured it was a delayed suicide mission (should I go, should I not go, omg…what do I do!). I ended up yelling at her too while I drove by wondering if the guy next to me was going to hit or or the folks coming from the other way!

I’m sorry, but she is the one biker that will changes the rules of the game someday for the bikers. Someday, you will be required to wear safety helmets and ride on only designated bike lanes…because of her. Just sayin’.

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  1. 3ft2pass on March 19th, 2009 @ 10:36 am

    While I understand why bicyclists love to bike; save money, good exercise, better for the environment or “they just love it”….stay in the bike lanes no matter what or decide that YOU getting hit by a car is a good idea.

    You forgot one reason. Transportation. Did it ever cross your tiny run on sentence generating mind that these people are commuting too? Think harder.

    And what are you doing biking around in 6″ of snow?

    Probably going to work, the grocery store, the gym, or the bar. You know regular human stuff.

    You are required to give cyclists AT LEAST 3 feet when passing. State law. Period. End of story. You get within 3 feet of me and I’ll let you know.

    Cyclists are NOT required to ride in bike lanes. You got a problem with that then don’t commute on city streets. Get YOUR ass back to I-35.

  2. thatgirl on March 19th, 2009 @ 10:49 am

    If a biker is in the driving lane and I’m supposed to give them 3 feet to pass does that mean I go into my neighbor’s lane and push them over? Or does that mean I slow down to the biker’s speed and cause a slow down for everyone? Have you seen how crazy Park Ave can be at 5:00?

  3. 3ft2pass on March 19th, 2009 @ 10:52 am

    It means you slow down and think about the fact that all you have to do to speed up again is push your foot forward 1/2 of an inch.

    Park Ave is not a highway. The speed limit is 30 mph. If you are in a hurry I-35 has a higher speed limit. Or so I hear.

  4. thatgirl on March 19th, 2009 @ 10:58 am

    Yeah, I think you’re right, 35W is a freeway. ha!

    Rant over on this end my friend!

  5. Brianne (brianne) on March 19th, 2009 @ 11:11 am

    Hmm. I didn’t bike this winter because I’m a wimp, but if my hours at work had been cut I might not have had much choice. Bus passes can get expensive!

  6. dirtyspeed on March 19th, 2009 @ 11:14 am

    Quit whining.

  7. katerr9 on March 19th, 2009 @ 11:19 am

    Was this intended to be satire?

  8. roflmeister on March 19th, 2009 @ 11:23 am

    To summarize thatgirl’s rant:

    I don’t know the laws of the road but I sure think everyone should bend to my whim.

  9. slater on March 19th, 2009 @ 11:50 am

    absolutely it must have been a biker! it couldn’t have possibly been another car parking or something you may have done inadvertently while you yourself were parking/exiting the car. as a biker, that has clipped cars mirrors as they forget to see if I’m in the bike lane as they try and turn, if a biker had actually hit the mirror at a resonable amount of force, they would have knocked that thing clear off. please don’t blame things on bikers if you have no proof.

    but you are willing to endanger the life of the biker? good to know you value the bumper of your car more than the life a fellow person.

    perhaps she was recovering with a recent altercation with a driver like yourself yelling at her and not giving her the legal space on the road she is owed. but yes, she must be stupid, because, I’ve never seen someone in a car at a stoplight not pay attention and forget to go. nor have i ever seen someone run a red light in their car. nope, never. she MUST be stupid.

    pop a valume, take an english class, and calm the f down.

  10. ldfs on March 19th, 2009 @ 12:01 pm

    I try to use bike lanes (when available) as much as possible, but sometimes you have to leave them in order to turn. E.g., if the bike lane is on the left side of the street and you need to turn right, you need to move over to the right at some point so that you aren’t crossing in front of a couple of lanes of traffic to turn.

  11. radlerin on March 19th, 2009 @ 12:33 pm

    @ldfs: There’s no reason to defend your use of another
    lane. According to MN State law, bicyclists are not
    required to use a bike lane or path, even if there is
    one present.

    @thatgirl: Some day, drivers will be required to
    stop texting, phoning, and putting on make-up
    while driving, and actually have their hands on
    the wheel and their eyes on the road. They’ll be
    required to signal their turns and be aware of
    their surroundings. Sounds pretty good, even to
    a driver, no?

    I suggest that you try bike commuting some time,
    to get some perspective. See whether you are
    annoyed that there are cars parked half-way into
    the bike lane, forcing you to ride closer to moving
    cars, whose drivers think you should "get in your lane".
    You could also discover how much you like it when a
    truck cuts across the bike lane to turn without
    signaling, missing you by inches.

    Where are you commuting from, when you drive down
    Portland? You could probably do it almost as fast
    by bike, and it’s much more fun (when drivers are

  12. thatgirl on March 19th, 2009 @ 12:51 pm

    Rad: south Minneapolis to downtown. I know I could probably bike just as fast and I do plan on biking to work this summer.

    For what it’s worth, I try to be respectful of the bikers. My Blog "rant" is just my thoughts and feelings on this subject. There are "respectful" bikers as much as their as "asshole" bikers. And drivers!

    Just a rant folks…just a rant. I bike on a 1998 Schwinn btw. With the economy being in a shithole, I’m sure more people will be biking this season. I’ll be on the side streets though. No Lyndale for me.

  13. David (jacc) on March 19th, 2009 @ 1:50 pm

    This post really is the perfect storm.

    It has it all, transportation fights, bad weather, commuting, green living, disrespect, 4×4 trucks, and then you end it all with "Just sayin’"

    I’d expect more backlash and maybe even a few angry emails.

    Welcome to Metblogs!

  14. roflmeister on March 19th, 2009 @ 3:12 pm

    also hi, secrets of the city! keep up your journalistic excellence

  15. scarvera on March 19th, 2009 @ 4:47 pm

    Wow. I registered simply to reply to this. I’m going to try to be nice. Perhaps the ill-conceived observations in your "rant" were humorous via email or during casual conversation, and your wonderfully supportive friends urged you to publish. But, oh dear. Next time I suggest you run a draft past a friend or colleague. If you need to, befriend a copy editor – they are a great resource for anyone looking to publish words effectively. (A lawyer might suffice.) I see this is your first post. Better luck next time!

  16. dknight on March 19th, 2009 @ 5:00 pm

    You have to be kidding me! Drivers like you do kill people on bikes, it’s no joke and your lack of seriousness went beyond a witty "rant". Although you may have had something valuable to say, I think your post had the opposite effect you intended.

    By law, bikes are legally entitled to a full lane just like a car. If you choose to pass a bike, you must do so with a safe amount of room. If this means you have to cross into the other lane, then you should do so when it is safe and legal. If you have to drive slow and wait then that’s what you have to do. Sometimes bikers ride farther out in the lane because it is more safe – they are more visible and less likely to be hit by some asshat like you who tries to squeeze by when there isn’t enough room.

  17. gmbel on March 19th, 2009 @ 10:46 pm

    I don’t have a great deal to add beyond the comments of the many people who have already righteously put you in your place. You’re a selfish, ignorant dumbshit who thoroughly deserves all of the abuse that you’re receiving.

    I’m both a motorist and a cyclist at various times, but I know what rights cyclists have to the road. I advise you to do that same because the first time that you hit one through your negligence, you and your insurance company will be less than blithe about your lack of understanding.

    All of that said, I primarily drive in the winter, and I have seen far too many cyclists riding nearly invisible this winter, particularly at night in the West Bank area. Cyclists: protect thyself. If you’re hit because cars legitimately can’t see you, I don’t know that they can or should be held accountable.

  18. Ed Kohler (edkohler) on March 20th, 2009 @ 9:12 am

    When you get around to killing someone who was legally using our roads, point the judge to your rant.

  19. thatgirl on March 20th, 2009 @ 10:51 am

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. Fair enough on the comments, so I decided to do some looking into the bike laws and I found out some interesting things I wasn’t aware of.

    Just a reminder, that not all bikers know the laws I’m quite sure, just like all the drivers don’t know. It may be a good idea for the state of MN to require all drivers in the state to breeze over the these statutes before they can renew their license every 4 years. I never thought about looking at it.

    Final word…I’m not a bad person, just a driver in the city who has decided to rant and blog. I haven’t injured anyone nor do I want to! I’m just sayin’!

    Enjoy my next blog, it won’t be so controversial I’m sure:)

  20. greg on March 20th, 2009 @ 10:53 am

    What irks me about local metro cyclists is how they’re so high and mighty about their right to the roads and then RUN RED LIGHTS AND STOP SIGNS while automobiles obey the signals.

    And yes, I’m lumping in the good cyclists with the bad eggs on this pet peeve.

  21. halfbaked on March 20th, 2009 @ 12:08 pm

    Drivers suck here and the bikers suck here. I don’t drive and I don’t bike and nearly get hit by cars and bikes on my leisurely stroll to work almost every day (and yes I obey the walks signs).

    Loring Park is the worst place to almost get hit when walking on the walking path or sidewalk. There are two paths for a reason you f’ing retards.

  22. David (jacc) on March 20th, 2009 @ 12:10 pm

    "while automobiles obey the signals."

    Come on Greg . . .

  23. greg on March 20th, 2009 @ 12:30 pm

    Our nanny government should pass a law against cycling and texting. Seems practical to me.

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