how great that you drive a SUV!

it’s cold out.  there’s snow on the ground.  there’s ice on the streets.   my car doesn’t like the cold and the snow and the ice.  sometimes when i try to stop, i skid.  it’s not fun.  i prefer to drive a bit cautiously (sometimes more than just a bit!).

but you, you have a SUV!  or a pick-up truck!  and you luv it!  winter is your time to shine!  (especially now that gas is a bit cheaper.)  that’s cool.  your tires are bigger than mine so maybe you don’t have all this snow frozen to your car in that space between the tire and the car.  (that really drives me crazy.)

so you, you are cruising!  but these little cars are driving too slow for you.  no prob.  you’re going to cut them off.  your lane is ending.  this is it!  now or never!  you must cut these cars off because otherwise you’re going to get so bored driving behind a civic that is going 25 on a snow-covered street whose speed limit is 30.  your drive will be two, maybe three, minutes longer behind this civic, but you can shave those minutes if you can pass it!  go, go, go!

just remember: you are not infallible.  spite took over for a minute as i watched two trucks get towed off my street yesterday during the snow emergency.

buh-bye! and i won’t miss you on the road!

(an aside: i did not recognize these trucks as regulars on our  street.  i would have felt sympathetic had they belonged to a neighbor.)

(another aside: regardless of what kind of car you drive, please, please stop tailing me.  if you think i’m driving slow it’s because there’s ice on the road and i would like to stay in my lane and not spinoff, thankyouverymuch.)

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  1. doniree on December 23rd, 2008 @ 8:42 am

    Wow, you took the words right out of my mouth! I’m so frustrated with that giant layer of snow (sometimes slush, sometimes ice!) that wedges itself between car and tire, thus FURTHER impairing my ability to stop. I hate the giant cars that ride my bumper because I’m afraid I might end up in a snowbank or plowing through an intersection (albeit at terrifying speeds of approx 12mph).

    Amen. Afuckingmen.

  2. emilysaysso on December 23rd, 2008 @ 10:10 am

    I have no statistics to back this up, but I’ve heard that SUVs and trucks get in MORE winter accidents because of their overconfidence.

    That being said, I drive a sort of mini-SUV (and would feel very guilty about it if I drove more than 3 miles a day), and I DO really appreciate my four wheel drive in the winter.

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