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Helping fight hunger one comment at a time.

Today Minnesota Viking Bernard Berrian issued a challenge to Mn. A challenge to fight hunger.


Between November 24 and Christmas this year, Bernard will match all gifts up to $5,000 to put meals on the tables of children and their families.

I believe this is being organized along with Second Harvest Heartland. From the Second Harvest website:

“For each $1 donated, Second Harvest Heartland will distribute more than $9 worth of grocery products to those in need in our communities. 96% of each dollar of revenue goes directly to our programs.”

That sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Just yesterday the wife and I were discussing donating food or money to a charity for the holidays.

So here’s the scoop, for each comment that this post gets I’ll be donating $1 to Berrian’s challenge. Since Mr.Berrian will match each dollar I give, Second Harvest will turn those two dollars into 18 dollars worth of food.

Think about it, 18$ worth of food per comment.

What do you say?


Those Who Are About To Dine Salute You

Thanksgiving is coming soon, and many of us may be off visiting family and friends.  A couple years ago, sultry hipster Alexis clued me to the fact that the night before Thanksgiving is one of the biggest nights for bars all year (and not just in Michigan).  So, Minneapolis Metbloggers, where is the best place in town to lift a few the night before you face the bird — and your family?

It was a strange weekend for Mn sports.

The Good: If someone told me last week that today’s good was going to be rounded out by Minnesota basketball I would have called them crazy. Yet here we are.

The Timberwolves lead by Randy Foy clobber Detroit

One Gophers basketball teams says DEFENSE! while the other says OFFENSE!

The Bad:
The Vikings play poorly and win. How can I call a win “bad”? Well, our veteran QB seems to be a masochist, we took a safety on purpose, we wasted clock time, more bad play calling, and a special teams group that plays like they’re taking payoffs from our opponents are a few of the reasons I say this was a bad game.
I know, I know, we did win.

Everyone has a bad day is the message I get from the Gophers hockey loss.

The Ugly:


Feel like ranting about your favorite teams?


"Fighting for Life" Documentary Screening

Today the Twin Cities Maimonides Society is holding a screening of the documentary film “Fighting for Life,” about the doctors, nurses, and medics treating wounded soldiers and marines on the frontlines during the Iraq War, as well as following medical students at USU as they embark on their career as military physicians, and a soldier as she recovers from losing her leg in a IED blast.

There is a reception in advance of the private screening, with a panel discussion afterward featuring local physicians with active military duty experience about modern military medicine.


Film still: X-ray

Sunday, November 23rd
2 p.m. – 5 p.m.

The Open Book
1011 Washington Ave S # 301
Minneapolis, MN 55415 (Google Maps)

General (Maimonides Members and Guests): $15
Medical Students: Free

Gifts of Bacon-y Goodness

Fellow local blogger (and fellow lover of bacon), Emily, recently alerted me to the existence of Baconnaise. I will be ordering myself some of this spreadable goodness soon, as she’s already discussed it’s bacon-y perfection on grilled cheese and fried egg sandwiches.

Imagine my excitement then, when so shortly after hearing of that, this afternoon while perusing my neighborhood Patina store (in my case, the one at Selby and Snelling in St. Paul), I happened upon no less than such wondrous gifts as bacon-flavored dental floss (ok, maybe that’s a little weird), bacon-flavored toothpicks, and band-aids that look like strips of bacon.

So if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your bacon-loving families and friends… our friends at local Patina stores can hook you up.

AL Franken and Norm Coleman in "My Two Senators"

Click to watch: 23/6

Thai one on at Sen yai Sen lek

I am not the most adventurous eater. I am not usually one to take chances and eat something weird. While Thai food might not be that much of a stretch anyway, I do get a little uneasy when an asian restaurant doesn’t have things like Chicken Chow Mein and the other usual fare.

A new place opened up by our house in Northeast called Sen yai Sen lek,  which luckily underneath it’s name has Thai rice and noodles. If I didn’t see those familar words, I probabably wouldn’t have tried it out.

Me and my wife and my older daughter decided to try it out and we had a great meal and a pleasant experience. We had some vegetarian spring rolls that were very fresh and good, (my 12 year daughter has been a vegetarian for a few years) and then what the waitress called their favorite dishes Pad Thai Goong, for which they had a chicken and vegetarian option. I went for the chicken, which had a tangy wonderful flavor to it.

They also serve beer and wine at this place, but I opted for a Cane cola. The food was great hot and tasty. I am not a food critic so I can’t be too descriptive about it. I had a good experience and that is all I need to decide If I should go back or not and with this place I definitely will. I also recommend it to all of you. 4 stars out 4, two thumbs up and three full satisfied bellys out of three.

Edina native one of strongest men in the world

Dave Ostlund can lift 400-pound cement stones, pull a C-130 cargo plane and carry two refrigerators at once.

Photos from the Recount

I was bored today, so I decided to go visit the Minneapolis Ballot Warehouse, where all ballots in the city are (slowly) being recounted. My goal was twofold – one, get as many photographs as possible so I could do a blog post for the Metblog. And two, to get a photograph of a challenged ballot for Wikipedia. Recently, I’ve been contributing to the bulk of the Wikipedia article on the Senate race, and the article would be infinitely sweetened by a few Creative Commons-licensed photographs. By the way, all of these photographs are Creative Commons-licensed, so feel free to steal them and post them as you will – just credit me for them.

Anyways, my trip was only a moderate success. I’ve gotten photographs, but none of them are very interesting. After asking her a few times, the Director of Elections for Minneapolis had refused to allow me access to the contested ballots “as an administrative decision,” meaning she didn’t damn well feel like it. So the only photos of contested ballots I could get were from afar, and even then, the election judges were covering up the parts of the ballot that had the Senate votes so as to foil me.

Your eyes do not deceive you, that is the ballot warehouse for Minneapolis, a monster of a building containing 10 teams of two election judges, one Franken representative, and one Coleman representative each. Not to mention the bulk of the warehouse being dedicated to housing a city’s worth of ballots, ballot transportation units, and ballot counting machines. On top of that, there are election officials, lawyers, observers, and media wandering around in the taped off zones in the center. Busy.

The recount was a fairly smooth endeavor, with election judges gliding through ballots that had been sorted by the machines, and verifying that they were indeed Franken or Coleman votes. Representatives from each campaign were watching intently – if a ballot looked questionable to them, they put it aside, and when the precinct was done, it would be brought over to the challenge table, where volunteers, lawyers, and election judges would duke it out.

The challenge table was made off limits to me and the only other media there today, KARE11 News. This table was usually crowded with volunteers who didn’t belong there, but were just interested to see how the challenges were going down. This was a quiet point where there were only the appropriate people there.

A challenged ballot. As I mentioned, judges were covering up the votes for Senate on contested ballots, but it’s easy to see how this voter may have screwed up. Come on, people, learn to read the instructions. To be fair, though, only 0.06% of all ballots are like this, so there isn’t an alarming number of stupid people in our state. Just enough to throw an election.

This is a bogus ballot being challenged by Franken. If you can see here, the mark for Coleman has been smudged. I’m not sure what the Franken representative might be thinking this could be – perhaps they were trying to smear the ink into Franken’s bubble? Probably not. This is an example of a ballot that will get denied its challenge by the Elections Director, who will be, as you will hear on KARE11 tonight, stopping all frivilous challenges from going up to the State Canvassing Board.

For more photos from the recount, feel free to visit my Flickr album.

MCAD Art Sale This Weekend

Photograph ©Erin Nicole Johnson for the Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Photograph ©Erin Nicole Johnson for the Minneapolis College of Art and Design

I spoke to a Minnesota College of Art and Design (MCAD) class last night and got a sneak peak of the MCAD Annual Art Sale. There is some great stuff here this year!

Photograph ©Erin Nicole Johnson for the Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Photograph ©Erin Nicole Johnson for the Minneapolis College of Art and Design

The 2008 extravaganza takes place on Friday, Nov. 21, and Saturday, Nov. 22 on the first and second floors of MCAD’s Main Building.

Photograph ©Erin Nicole Johnson for the Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Photograph ©Erin Nicole Johnson for the Minneapolis College of Art and Design

More info here. Flickr photo set here.

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