Why the I-35W bridge is really important.

Living in the Audobon Neighborhood of Northeast, there is a small downtown area which runs down Johnson Street From 28th to 29th.

There is a good batch of independent businesses –  Audobon Coffee, EMI, Sarah Jane’s Bakery, Rewind, Crafty Planet, POP, A Gift Shop (which I am related to the owners, so I won’t overly promote them for personal reasons), Snap! plus a pharmacy, clinic, barbers and stylists and some others. They have an association that lists them all here.

When the 35W Bridge went down it seemed like that street was too many miles away from the bridge to be affected, but what I didn’t know is that many people traveled down Johnson to get onto 35W and then go over the bridge. People started taking alternative routes and not stopping for Coffee, Donuts and to shop on Johnson Street. The street was also featured in the news, about their plight and the businesses wondering if they would be able to keep operating.

Well even as early as Friday morning when I stopped into Sarah Jane’s Bakery for a donut (or two), I asked if the Bridge opening had helped even though it was only open for one day before that.

She said it did, and they hoped that today was busy as well because they upped their production of donuts for it.

It’s amazing the difference a bridge, a road or any type of construction can cause this much difference to a street and it’s businesses. It’s a powerful lesson, to those who might admire the local independent businesses in their area but might not frequent them enough.

You might want to, because the next time you want that cup of coffee, or a tasty meal they might not be there.

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