A night out in Minneapolis pre-RNC

It doesn’t officially start until tomorrow, but I’d assume there would be delegates in town now. And Minneapolis was busy tonight, judging by traffic on Hennepin Avenue. But really, it didn’t seem any different than any other weekend night in downtown. I hit the Saloon and the Gay 90s tonight, figuring, “Hey, I don’t have to work tomorrow, why the hell not?” I’m not quite sure what I expected, maybe finding a nice Log Cabin Republican to wine and dine me for the next week. But at least tonight, the Sunday before the convention starts, it was just the same old regular crowd. A little bit bigger than your typical Sunday night, but then, most people have tomorrow off.

There was a longer line than normal to get into the Saloon, which I arrived at just after 11pm. I beat cover by about ten minutes. Inside was slightly busy, but I’ve been there on busier nights, like New Year’s Eve. I stayed for about 30 minutes, and then moseyed on down to the ’90s, which had an even longer line to get in. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait in line, as I have a Gay 90s Club Card, but the line was moving swiftly, and my friends left behind got in less than 10 minutes after I did. If you wanted to pay 20 dollars to get in, rather than the regular five dollar cover, you could jump the line and get a “free” Red Bull. Once more, inside was busy, but not any moreso than a typical busy night. I didn’t see anyone who looked like they may have been an out-of-towner enjoying the festivities. Surprisingly, they didn’t stay open past 2am, ushering everyone out at that point.

Maybe the Saint Paul bars will be more interesting, in an invasion force kind of way come next week.

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  1. blindeke on September 1st, 2008 @ 9:17 am

    The Saint Paul bars are definitely more interesting. I went to the Artist’s Quarter last night, and saw tons of GOPers hanging out at the nearby bars. (None of them seemed to like jazz, though.) I saw Japanese TV crews trying to enjoy Saint Paul nightlife. Boy will everyone be disappointed!

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