Fringe Report: August 9, 2008

fringe2008.pngI totally skipped my early afternoon Fringe plans to watch the Olympics. Hey, I passed up the Opening Ceremonies to see four shows on Friday night.

This is your last reminder to go see The Jamal Lullabies on Sunday at 1pm at the Southern Theater. And then go see The Nosdrahcir Sisters on Sunday at 2:30pm at the Rarig Center Xperimental. I am not kidding. Make time.

I wish would quit logging me out so often.

As of right now (10pm on Saturday night), Musical the Musical and Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead are tied for the most audience reviews at 61 apiece. 15 different shows are averaging 5-kitty ratings; nine of those 15 shows have more than 10 reviews.

Also, be on the lookout for the early Sunday afternoon announcement of the Fringe Encore performances, in which the top seller at each venue gets to perform one last show at 8:30 on Sunday night. You can only see one, because you can only be at one venue at 8:30 on Sunday night.

On to the reviews.

In Rehearsal by Alison Vodnoy
Alison Vodnoy tells the story of Akiva, who’s wookin’ pa nub. She tells her side of seven attempts at relationships (along with visits to her therapist), and then goes back and tells the other person’s side of the story. The show description’s mention of lesbians is sensationalist. One of Akiva’s relationship tries is with a woman, but it’s not treated any differently than the other six. Halfway through, I thought it was a decent show but nothing special. The second half redeemed it. A very interesting way to delve into the character of Akiva and a reminder that there are always two sides to every story, neither of which is necessarily the wrong or the right one. Not bad.

The Gypsy and the General by 3 Sticks
These are clearly very talented people. They did some really cool things with their props. But I totally didn’t get the story. I found that I could only focus on the music or the action but not both, and a lot of times I was more interested in the music. Glad I got one last chance to check out the now-closed Theatre de la Jeune Lune.

Some people in the Fringe look like they do this for a hobby. Some people look like they do this for a living. There are good and bad performances in both those groups.

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  1. David (jacc) on August 10th, 2008 @ 10:11 pm

    It’s such a shame I couldn’t do Fringe this year. Your reviews have been making me jealous and I’m looking forward to next year.

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