Riding the Bus: The good, the bad, and the nuts.

Bob Collins is asking what your bus riding experience is like, since good experiences on the bus aren’t newsworthy per Fox9’s standards.

I’d like to share Wendy’s story of her morning bus commute.

So, the bus stops somewhere between my stop and the edge of downtown, and this guy stands up. I figure he’s getting off the bus at MCTC, but no, he’s standing up for a different reason – so he can adjust his boy parts.

Dude stands up, sales book in one hand, and takes the free hand to grab his entire package. It apparently needed adjusting. I can’t really assume that it was bothering his knee or something to that effect, but the way he grabbed it allowed me to see the outline of absolutely everything that I never wanted to see on the bus at 8:40 in the morning. It’s possible the man only had one nut.

I’m not sure if that falls in the 90% of good trips or 10% of bad trips.

(This is still my favorite bus story ever.)

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