Minnesota is full of werewolves?

How do I know?

The Star Tribune said so with a stunningly brilliant piece of thought by Thomas M. Greaney: We’re far too easy on drugs and drinking .

 Mr. Greaney says ‘Don’t be fooled. There is no silver bullet for the addiction issues we face. It will take education and nationwide zero-tolerance laws ‘

Or, you know, a silver bullet.

That’s right. Zero tolerance.  

You let your teen have a sip of wine? Silver Bullet.
Your kid was caught smoking? Silver bullet.
Your 20 year old has a beer at the lake? Silver bullet.

Hey, not just for the kid, for you too.

Disagree? Silver bullet.

We need zero tolerance. I mean, heck, zero tolerance has been an amazing success so far. It’s time we  take it to the next level and find Mr. Greaney’s silver bullet because that combined with zero tolerance is the only thing that can save society from the lycanthropic ways of the intolerable werewolf.

So which zero tolerance laws do you think Minnesota should pass that allows the state to justify this silver bullet policy?

Me? I think we already have the laws. With about 1 in 38 American adults jailed, if you’re not already in prison, maybe you should beg Thomas M. Greaney for your silver bullet.

Our local paper thinks it’s best that way.


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  1. blindeke on June 29th, 2008 @ 12:08 am

    Is this an ad for Coors Light?

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