I Rant Therefore I Am

When we moved into the new casa last fall we realized there’d be things that needed fixing right away. For example; all of the kitchen appliances were circa 1980 and either didn’t work or only half worked.

In comes our favorite appliance store ApplianceSmart.
In the past we had used ApplicanceSmart a few times and been pleased with the quality and price.

Well, this time things started out badly and as is often the case when things start out poorly they only became worse. 

 The sales associate was hounding, which I can understand to a point since they are paid from commission, but he was new and not very knowledgeable on the products.

 Thent he lost our order, then he placed the wrong order, and finally he “upgraded” our fridge to a more expensive model for free.

Sounds good right? If only.

We actually wanted the fridge we purchased. It had a single door with the freezer on the bottom and were not interested in double door fridge freezer combinations. Also, in the meantime he had sold our fridge to someone else. After talking to a manager,while we were on the road to BWCA for vacation, everything was straightened out and we maintained the rights on our fridge.

At this point I was a bit fed up with the whole process. After all we were buying a new fridge,washing machine,dryer, and dishwasher. Was I wrong to expect the sales person to actually provide a little service?

I told myself to let it go and moved on.

Now fast forward to the day when our appliances arrive. They didn’t have the parts for the over/under washer and dryer combo and the fridge was damaged. It had a large scratch down the front of the door. There was a note saying it happened in the warehouse so we had to go through customer service to get a new door and reschedule the washer/dryer set up. The install of the dishwasher had issues which caused a flooded basement which then required another service call, but the washer and dryer set up went ok once the parts arrived.

So we waited on our fridge door. The first door to arrive had the handle on the wrong side and was followed by a second door the next day which had the handle on the wrong side and was the wrong color. We talked to service and sent those doors back and another door arrived; it had the handle on the correct side, but was white. Our fridge is black. We reported the issue and they sent another door. Mind you, each time we gave them the color, handle side, and serial number of the fridge and door. The 4th time’s a charm right?

The service guy showed up two days ago to swap out the scratched doow with the new door. He opened the box and lo-and-behold it was the right color! It had the handle on the right side! Unfortunately, it was textured, once again the wrong door. According to my wife, he was nice and promised to order the replacement door personally.

We’ll see.

It’s now May. We bought the applicances last August.

I have to say that in several experiences with ApplianceSmart this was the only one that had problems. Also, their customer service was very accomodating during the whole process.

Still, here I am waiting on door number five and feeling like I should have titled this post The Fridge Doors of Perception.

3 Comments so far

  1. Erica M (ericam) on May 8th, 2008 @ 2:58 pm

    Ugh. Between your story and Greg’s Slumberland story, I don’t want to have to shop for my house ever.

  2. greg on May 9th, 2008 @ 12:22 pm

    If only global cooling would speed up so you could just set your milk out on your back porch and get rid of your refrigerator forever.

  3. David (jacc) on May 9th, 2008 @ 12:27 pm

    Erica, it’s not that bad. Mostly, the hassles are few and far between. I just hate to be minorly inconvenienced.

    Greg, Bring on the IceBox Age. It sounds so much better than the BeatBox Age.

    All – After talking with my wife last night, three points.

    1) My fridge door count may be too high by one door.
    2) Most of the mistakes have actually been made by fridge company.
    3) She felt I wasn’t harsh enough on the sales guy the jerked us around.

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