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Slumberland Furniture in Shakopee can’t tell left from right

slumberlandsucks.gifTonight is the Grand Opening Celebration of Slumberland Furniture in Shakopee.

But there’s something you need to know before you consider buying anything from the giant chain’s latest local franchise. They are idiots who can’t tell LEFT from RIGHT.

The following is a rant: Last weekend we purchased a new couch sectional at the new Shakopee Slumberland location. Yesterday they delivered two left sides and a center instead of a right, left and center piece. The delivery guys were clueless and told us to call the warehouse ourselves to schedule a new delivery for that right side. We did.

Then later that same evening, Slumberland Customer Service called to ask if we were satisfied with our purchase. I indicated we were not and asked when our correct piece would be delivered. With attitude, the lady on the phone said it was beyond her control, and she didn’t know anything about it. “What do you expect me to do?” she asked arrogantly. “Well, apparently nothing. You called to ask if I’m satisfied, I’ve said ‘no’ and you’re saying, ‘oh well.’” We let it go.

Today they delivered the new piece. It was the wrong side again. The delivery guys said the left side was labeled “right,” so it really wasn’t their fault.

We called Slumberland again, and the customer service agent argued that they had indeed sent us the correct side! She asked me to double-check, and we discussed the merits of left versus right (seriously).

Over the course of today, I’ve called to request to speak with the manager three times and even had my wife take of picture of the mismatched couch to show them proof. The warehouse called me twice, customer service in North Dakota called me twice, eventually the manager called.

They all have different stories about how nobody can tell the difference between their left and right hands. We’ll see what they deliver tomorrow.

We live on the left side of the street, so maybe they’re delivering our left side of the couch to the wrong house on the right side of the street.

Saint Paul Art Crawl Spring 2008

That’s right it’s time for another Saint Paul Art Crawl.

Here’s a list of the buildings. The combination of fun people,interesting art, and cool old buildings seems like the perfect combination for a weekend event. I’ll be at the Rossmor Building (500 N. Robert St.) tomorrow evening. Say hello if you see me.

Anyone else planning on going?  

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Jim H Did you know that they have art in St. Paul, too?

Saint Paul Art Crawl 2007

The Song of Hiawatha After Rush hour

springrain Has the rain gotten you down?

There seems to be something about this weather that is making the air equal parts glum and humidity. 

Still, on my drive home tonight I found myself thinking of sunsets.

Yesterday Cameraphone10000 captured this sunset from our yard. 

Sunset on the Parkway

Where is your favorite place in the Twin Cities to watch a sunset?

I’ve always loved the sunsets at Lake Hiawatha Park.

Another reason not to drive

As if the price of gas wasn’t enough to piss you off at the gas station, you will soon get to hear why it’s all the Democrats’ fault:

The House GOP caucus plans to buy advertising at locations with gas pump video monitors. The message will criticize Democrats for supporting a transportation funding plan that raises Minnesota’s gas tax.

According to Twin Cities Gas Prices Dot Com, gas prices in Minnesota are consistently below the national average. If the DFLers tacked an extra dollar per gallon, sure, let’s holler about it. But y’know what? The gas tax hadn’t gone up in something like 20 years. This is money we need to maintain our roads and bridges. Get over it.

I plan to avoid gas stations with TVs at the pump through November. As far as I know, pump TVs are only at Holiday stations. Has anyone seen them elsewhere?

Paul Douglas roars like a lion

April may have been rainy and cloudy for fired WCCO weather anchor Paul Douglas, but he’s got some news up his sleeve for this summer. A new syndicated weather service called WeatherNation.

Ed Kohler points to Graeme Thickinstweet:

Paul Douglas will start co in June to syndicate weather info to midsize TV stations, called WeatherNation – saving ’em a ton of money

Ed also points to Douglas’ LinkedIn profile, which lists four startups, including WN:

This summer we launch WeatherNation, syndicating, “central-casting” weather reports for web sites, cable channels and broadcasters from a new studio in the western suburbs of the Twin Cities.

Meanwhile MinnPost reports this morning, “KARE features an interview tonight with recently fired WCCO weatherman Paul Douglas.”

Allow me to speculate: I think the news is going to hit officially tonight.

I’m totally in favor of more competition in weather reporting, especially from private companies. And kudos to Douglas, who refused to go out like a lamb.

Found Photos: Saul Williams

From the Mpls Metblog flickr pool, Saul Williams at the Varsity Theater last weekend.

saul williams @ the varsity theater 04.19.08
Originally uploaded by invisiblepilot.

See more photos from the show.

Fee, Fie, Foe, Foam

This afternoon I came across a picture of three lads “foam fighting” in Van Cleve Park on the front page of the Minnesota Daily (you can find the slideshow on the right side of the center column under “Defining U” by clicking today’s date).

Foam fighting is a form of Live Action Role Playing in which medieval battles are simulated with foam weapons. Apparently, there are three types or organizations known as Amtgard, Belegarth, and Dagorhir. The Twin Cities Foam Fighting Club at UMN is a combination of the three, but I’m not sure if you if have to be a student to join.

However, I was able to find the Minneapolis Dagorhir “realm,” known as Frozen North. Contact Chiron, Mongoose, Fey or Drew at for more info. Be aware, there are rules. For example, according to the website, if you have been to four practices and have still not acquired medieval garb you will only be allowed one blue weapon. I’m not sure what that means, but it doesn’t sound good.

You may be chuckling, as I was, but consider your inner nerd and the fact that if this kind of playing were done on the Nintendo Wii it would be considered cool.

Food Writing Workshop, aka, Jim Norton Drops the Knowledge

My favorite foodie (and Flak Radio co-host, and ex-Metblogger, and book author) James Norton is giving a seminar on food writing at the Mill City Writers’ Workshop.

Food is one of the most universal of topics, and among the most challenging to tackle as a writer. The vast dimensions of the gastronomic world can be daunting to those seeking to gain a foothold. In this two hour seminar, food writer James Norton offers suggestions and advice for writers looking to master the practical basics of food and beverage writing, including both the artistic and the business aspects of the craft. Norton also offers practical insight into research, writing, and pitching feature stories, restaurant reviews, and longer projects, such as books.

All for the low low price of $40. [register]

Saturday, May 3rd, 12-2pm
6 Sixth Avenue North, Suite 3
Hopkins, MN

Lightning strikes 3 at MSP Airport

I drove through some nasty hail on 494W on my way home from The Mars Volta concert in St. Paul last night. Lightning was striking all around the airport and MOA, the hail was pelting my car’s recently refurbished paint job (thanks a lot, God) and the thunder was shaking my car.

Turns out just around that same time three construction workers were struck by lightning at MSP Airport. More info here here and here.

From KARE 11:

According to police reports, the man was setting out orange cones around 10:20 Monday night, for a construction project at the airport. Two other workers were with him. Lightning from a passing storm hit the man in the head, then passed on to his co-workers, who both got jolted in the hands and arms.
“Like an electric fence,” one of them told police.

According to the Strib:

The three construction workers, whose names were not immediately available, were hurt at 10:20 p.m. when lightning struck the vehicle they were in on a taxiway near the E concourse north of the Lindbergh terminal…

Well, whether they were standing outside or in a truck, it’s good everyone’s okay. That lightning was nasty.

Oh, and in case you think you’re safe in your car, the Strib says:

Contrary to belief, rubber tires and rubber shoe soles do not provide protection from lightning, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency website.


Photo adapted (poorly) from Flickr via Creative Commons Attribution remix license.

Star Tribune 100

This past weekend the latest version of the Star Tribune 100 came out. This is an annual report on Minnesota’s top 100 publicly held companies – most of which are right here in the Twin Cities area.

 The headline in the paper said it all – “in the black, but blue.” While the list performed fairly well, many of our local companies are taking a stock beating expected during a “recession.” Here’s to better times ahead. (please)

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