Gawker Traffic on 494 This Morning

Reported this morning via Twitter:

Traffic on 494 caused by banner on Xerxes overpass “Mike Ratelle: Prom? <3 Maddy”.

Okay, that’s kinda cute. But for real, you know those electronic signs that display traffic and emergency information? Just lighting up one of those that’s often dark will slow traffic down in and of itself, even if there’s no actual traffic delay or emergency. Keep moving, people!

Oh yeah, the rest of the Twitter message?

I’d like to kick Maddy’s ass.

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  1. mandelion17 on April 15th, 2008 @ 9:36 pm

    I saw that sign! That’s my regular route day in and day out. It was clever and highly amusing, but you’re totally right about the distraction. How distturbing it is that the lighted signs telling us about traffic delays are often what causes another one. The only one that’s worth the slow down is for an Amber Alert.

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