OK, OK, I’m awake.

There’s a new online music publication in town, and i’m kinda-sorta in love: Reveille. (say it with me now: Rev-uh-lee. This is what 8 years of useless french lesson do to you. Another helpful Sarah Green public service announcement.)

I heard about this last night as I was desperately trying to not have a meltdown in rush hour (rain does not equal mass pandemonium… does it? Aren’t we the same citizens who trounce playfully through a foot of snow at the opposite end of the calendar year?)… Mary Lucia interviewed Andrea Myers (current editor of my personal fave, howwastheshow), who’s a big part of Reveille, along with a nice cast of writers.

I play a designer in real life, so I’m giving a big thumbs up to the non-cluttered, sensible, lovely web design. Also, digging on the “big publication” feel, and local coverage content, of this.

And it has an RSS feed set up… woot.
Good stuff… I wish them well. And I’m totally excited to see where they go… from yesterday’s interview, it sounds like the staff has some great ideas to take this local music online publication to some serious levels of awesome.

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  1. solace (unregistered) on July 28th, 2007 @ 10:00 am

    thanks for the nice comments Sara (especially on the design. sensible & uncluttered tends to be my mantra while designing sites actually ;) ).

    as for the RSS feed, i’m encouraging people to start using this one:


    eventually we’ll have full feeds with text-based ads for those who want/prefer full text RSS feeds, but the program i’m using to run the site has a few limitations w/ RSS at the moment.

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