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bottoms up.

God bless the feed aggregator.

I just found a reference to a really neat little Google map/happy hour mashup called unthirsty. Maps out happy hours happening right this moment.
(I understand it’s 11 AM on a Monday, and perhaps I shouldn’t be thinking of happy hour…)

Anyhow, it’s worth checking out. The weeping beer bottle graphic alone is enough to endear it to me.

Bike Trail Closures

Just got this email from the City of Minneapolis:

As of today, May 21st, the Cedar Lake Trail is scheduled to be closed at the downtown entrance/exit ramp. The trail closure is expected to last for approximately 2 months, and is related to the construction of a parking structure for the new Twins stadium. A signed detour route has been posted, using the Spring Lake Trail exit. The Dunwoody exit will also remain open during the closure.

Meanwhile, the Light Rail Trail between 26th Street and the Midtown Greenway remains closed, due to the construction of the Midtown Greenway Bridge over Hiawatha Avenue. This closure is expected to last through the fall season of this year.

For further information, including maps of each trail closure, please visit the bicycle detour page, at

I also saw a sign about an upcoming closure on the Hutchinson Spur through St Louis Park. Plan accordingly!

Who wants road construction? I do!

While scooting up 3rd Ave S, on my way home from softball practice, I saw some fresh markings on the road south of 94. The city has painted big X-marks over some of the patching that had been done in years past that has formed small bumps. I’m not sure what the markings indicate, whether there is work going to be done to smooth out these unplanned speed bumps, but I can’t help but notice there is no paint around any of the canyon-like potholes gaping all over town. These things are big enough to swallow my scooter whole and maybe even a small VW. At night, they’re even more hazardous, when they appear to be shadows. I keep expecting the Millennium Falcon to shoot out of one of these followed by a space worm.

C’mon, Minneapolis, are too many resources tied up in beautification projects on Lake Street and on Lyndale Ave? The potholes are getting bigger and bigger each day. Maybe the city is just waiting until the whole road disintigrates and they can save money for putting in trolley lines.

What are they drawing?

If, when you’re out amongst the whirling art this weekend, you notice a number of people wandering around the TC with sketchpads, perhaps solo, or perhaps in small groups, you may wonder what’s going on with all the people sketching. Wonder no longer!

This weekend is SketchCrawl, and people around the world are encouraged to go out and sketch. Sketch all that they see, and share it on the web, and along the way, try to help raise money for some good causes. This SketchCrawl is to benefit Emergency, an organization that helps civilians in war-torn areas. And, like other artistic nudge-type events (Nanowrimo, etc), it’s a way to get people motivated to get out and draw.

So, if you see someone with a sketch pad, or two someones, or many someones, find yourself a pencil and a cocktail napkin and sketch along with them.

Heliotrope 4 – the best local underground music

heliotrope4.jpgRunning concurrently with Art-a-Whirl is Heliotrope Four, a weekend of local underground music, film and art featuring extreme variations in sound and styles(psychedelia, free jazz, damaged folk, sound collage, no wave, improv, noise, instrumental rock, etc).

As in the past, film projections will also be featured throughout the festival. For the past three years the festival has taken place at Franklin Art Works, but this year it moves to the newly-renovated Ritz Theater in Northeast Minneapolis.

More details…

American Apparel to open in Uptown

First there was buzz, and now it’s official. Early August is the projected opening date.

My thoughts:

  1. It’ll pretty much attract the same crowd as the American Eagle did.
  2. It’s a “rare victory for Uptown” according to that Strib article. One new chain does not a victory make. *cough*Calhoun Square*cough*
  3. I cannot for the life of me remember what was in that space before American Eagle.
  4. American Apparel is a slightly less kiddie porn Abercrombie & Fitch, right?
  5. For those looking to bring more “edginess” back to Uptown, I’m not sure Uptown necessarily needs to be more edgy. It needs to be more something, though, because it’s feeling kind of bland.
  6. That “something” does not include “family-friendly.” I think it should be “Family”-friendly. Bring back the gay ghetto, I say.

(via Taylor, who finally has a blog (sort of) and it is teh shit)

Andrew Eklund Named one of TC Biz Journal’s “40 Under Forty”

This means he’s an “accomplished professional.” In his own words:

I run a funky little company called Ciceron. We’re primarily a web marketing company that’s hooked tightly into web analytics and marketing measurement. That’s a fancy way of saying that we help you make sure you don’t blow cash on bad marketing and advertising, like TV.

I know Andrew as aeklund and have had the pleasure of chatting with him at a happy hour or two. Congratulations, Andrew!

Hennepin County Medical Center – Boo! Abbott Northwestern – Yay!

Chuck found himself unwell and decided to go to the hospital. HCMC fucked up and gave him a dangerous drug that is rarely even prescribed anymore because of the side effects, then put him in his car and sent him on his merry way. He later went to Abbott Northwestern where they fixed him right up and gave him excellent customer service to boot.

It occurred to me not too long ago that it would probably be smart for me to know exactly which hospital is closest to me. Abbott Northwestern is the one!

Beware of whirling art

Art-A-Whirl features more than 400 artists, galleries, musicians, photographers, and other fellow travelers showing off their work. There are also parties, at least one movie showing, and coordinated events at the 331 Club and Grumpy’s Northeast.

This is a great chance to see the work of local artists while exploring the community. You can check out more than the arts during this event, since restaurants, bars, cafes, and coffee shops are all mixed in with the official Art-A-Whirl event sites.

You can find a complete and official Art-A-Whirl directory wherever you find “the Rake” magazine, and at other places like coffee shops, libraries, and restaurants. You will also be able to pick up a directory at the official Art-A-Whirl welcome booths at 13th & Marshall and Marshall & Broadway.

To Market, To Market

The Strib posted a great listing of area Farmer’s Markets (all over the metro) this morning.

I was just thinking on my way into work today, what I might get at the market this weekend (rhubarb was on the top of my wish list). Nothing like filling your bag/basket full of locally grown goodness on a sunny weekend morning.

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