Don’t count your chickens before they come home to roost

I helped a friend build a chicken coop this weekend. It was really more like a chicken palace than a coop, but that’s because we’re both perfectionists and really wanted to make it nice. As we we’ve been talking about building the coop and her raising chickens, it’s occurred to us that there are a lot of chicken-based idioms in the language.

My Dad grew up on a farm, and I grew up in the suburbs. When I mentioned to him that I was helping a friend who lives in Minneapolis build a chicken coop, I was expecting questions. Instead, his first comment was “chickens are easy to raise.” I guess if you grow up tending cows, pigs and chickens, chickens are pretty easy. I’m so-so on watering my house plant, so I’ll leave the chickens to my friend.

I’m hoping to get some nice, fresh eggs since I was good enough to help build the coop. The only problem is that the city permit required “getting the consent of 80 percent of the neighbors within 100 feet of the property.” In the city, that turns into a lot of egg-sharing promises!

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