Why I’m not renewing my Vikings Season Tickets

So last year, I wrote about going in on Vikings Season Tickets. And I ended up going to 9 out of the 10 home games with those tickets. But it left me with an unsatisfied feeling, both because of the sub-par product on the field, but also some other things.

I got my renewal notice in the mail a few weeks ago and didn’t do anything with it. A reminder came yesterday, which I’ve also ignored. I’ve decided not to renew my seas tickets and here’s why:
1)The product on the field- I couldn’t come to grips with the possibility of sitting in that dome through another season like last year.
2)The clueless owner-I’m not impressed with Zygi Wilf. The organization has made questionable decisions with regard to personnel, and have naive expectations about getting government assistance for a new stadium, which they now want to build in downtown. Taxpayers are not going to pay for this thing. Especially after the Twins Stadium debacle.
3)The Coach-The jury’s still out on Childress, this year will be telling, but he’s the most boring offensive play caller we’ve had on this squad in a number of years. Good defenses are great fun to watch, but you need to be able to score something with it.
4)The drunken, disrespectful fans- Those of you that have been to Vikings games over the past several years may have noticed that many in the crowd are often overly intoxicated and can start to get really obnoxious. I had mixed experiences with this last year. I don’t have kids, but I probably wouldn’t bring them to an NFL game. Don’t get me wrong, I like to knock back a few with the rest of them, but I try to keep it in control.
5)The off the field shenanigans-Granted, this was better last year, but there was still hints of it.
6)The cost-It’s a lot of money to outlay all at once for an unknown product that might be shaky at best or might pull off a decent season.
7)The inability to retain talent-It seems like any time we get a good coordinator, he leaves. See: Tomlin, Mike
8)The stadium-cramped, not enough bathrooms, lines too long to get in, concession lines, etc…

In summary, I’ll be watching from my couch next fall. That way I can turn off the game and do other things when it sucks, rather than wasting half a day going downtown to see a sub-par product.

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  1. Erica (unregistered) on March 22nd, 2007 @ 10:11 am

    This is the sort of thing where, if even a few of those items were improved, it might make it worth it. It truly is a different experience attending a sporting event of any kind in person. But for the amount of money that season tickets for an NFL team cost, SO not worth it. Plus, I really like being able to hear the commentators for football.

    For comparison’s sake, my Lynx season ticket (center court-ish, opposite the bench, about 10 rows up from the floor), cost me about $250 for 15 or 16 home games.

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