Snow Closes Mall of America, U of MN

The Mall of America closed today at 6pm because of the snowstorm according to my friend Nate. The University of Minnesota also closed, which never happened in the 6 years I went there (2000-2006). All kinds of people were calling me to come drink with them for “Snow Day” which started this afternoon and for many businesses goes through the weekend.

The weather hasn’t stopped the brave souls at the Minneapolis Eagle/Bolt in downtown Minneapolis. I’m here having a beer and abusing their free wireless service, and there’s about 10-15 others in the usually busy downtown LGBT club.

As of 6 pm, 7 inches of snow had fallen in Minneapolis. It sure does look pretty outside.

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  1. Erica (unregistered) on March 1st, 2007 @ 9:40 pm

    If the gravity of the situation has not yet sunk in for anyone, the fact that Mother Nature closed the Mall of America today should do it.

  2. ranty (unregistered) on March 1st, 2007 @ 11:18 pm

    The Central Library closed early!!!

    That surprised me.

  3. Bill K (unregistered) on March 1st, 2007 @ 11:46 pm

    The U took their sweet time to cancel classes, they waited till about 2 and every other college cancelled things by noon or so. I’m a night student at Carlson and have a thursday night class. I was going to skip it anyway, but it’s a relief to have it be a sanctioned skipping.

    the news people on WCCO couldn’t figure out why nobody was on the roads at rush hour. HELLO! everything closed early!! everybody was already at home.

  4. Ed Kohler (unregistered) on March 2nd, 2007 @ 12:04 am

    No reservations were needed at La Belle Vie tonight. I have no idea where the valet parked our car, but it took them so long to get it I thought it was in the impound lot.

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