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A Festival of Furry Things

Bachman’s, the sprawling garden emporium at 60th and Lyndale, is celebrating spring with a full-on petting zoo. Available petting experiences this weekend include “bunny,” “calf,” “goat,” “tiny goat,” “sheep,” “lamb,” and “fuzzy chick.”

And while you’re wandering the store’s seemingly infinite expanse of plants and gardening supplies, stop by Patrick’s, the creamy cafe/bakery center of the gardening store donut. The vanilla eclairs are hell of good, and the mushroom tart — while a little pricier than one might hope — is quite delicious. It’s just buttery puff pastry surrounding mushrooms, potatoes, and bacon. It’s simple, but when served piping hot, it’s also quite terrific.

Be forewarned, Patrick’s garden cafe is currently kind of a mob scene. Prepare to take a number.

I’m Not Even Sure the Fried Rice Was Actually Fried

It is difficult to find good Chinese food in Minneapolis. Case in point: Star Moon Chinese. — which has basically, in my mind, forfeited its right to comment on anything at this point — writes this:

Star Moon Chinese not only offers Sotans amazing cuisine, they offer it at no hassle to you.

Anyone who can describe the limp, prosaic, mostly flavorless offerings of Star Moon as “amazing” has either never had Chinese food before, or emerged starving from the Mines of Moria.

And anyone who describes a garden-variety delivery service as “no hassle” is… oh, to hell with it. Comments more than welcome. Particularly if you know who provides decent Chinese take-out in Uptown.

Gray weekend, movie time!

With all this rain, I can’t help but plan my weekend around the fact that I don’t especially enjoy getting soaked. Netflix comes to the rescue!

Just for kicks, the top 5 movies that members in and around Minneapolis, Minnesota are currently renting much more than other Netflix members are listed below.

Link Roundup

Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth

A friend of mine very kindly bought me lunch at “Uptown’s iconic bistro,” and — like the total ingrate I am — I’m going to publicly complain about the restaurant from an institutional perspective.

In short: What’s the diglio with Figlio?

Least Dangerous Game

Not going to delve into the merits (or lack thereof) of Twitter, but if you’re a Twin Cities Twitterer and already drinking the Kool-Aid anyway, check out Least Dangerous Game.

Every Saturday from noon to 6pm, I will be “hiding” somewhere in the Twin Cities area. Using Twitter, I will slowly update you with clues to where I am.

The first person to find me receives a prize. They will also be profiled in Monday’s video podcast.

The game begins when 50 Twin Cities Twitterers become Least Dangerous Game’s friend through Twitter. That way, we have ourselves a contest!

Not sure if it’ll be cool, but we’ll never find out if at least 50 of y’all don’t follow LDG.

(Found, of course, via Twitter.)

UPDATE: Ed Kohler on LDG at Technology Evangelist.

The Awesomest Overheard Yet

Almost too good to have actually been overheard. I’m a little suspicious, but it’s fucking hilarious if it’s true.

Guy #1: I can’t believed someone blogged about overhearing some moron talking about hookers and cheetos. Friggin’ Cheetos??

Guy #2: I know! That shit wasn’t even funny. I don’t know what’s lamer, the person who said it or the person who sent it to the site.

Guy #1: Man, if I ever get blogged for saying something stupid, just fuckin’ shoot me. Because that’s tattoo-giant-L-on-your-forehead loser time.

Guy #2: For reals!

Macy’s breakfast bar, skyway level, minneapolis
Overheard by Bang Bang Fuck You’re Dead.

Let’s go drink on a bike!

Countryside_WIDE%282%29.jpgOne of my friends pointed out that the Pedal Pub is making its US debut this weekend in Minneapolis. It’s a party bike with a twist, it’s got a bar on it. It will be available to rent and details are available at their website. This Saturday from noon to 3 they are having a launch party. Details here.

An interesting, and somewhat unique idea. It looks like the Twin Cities are the first to get one of these unique vehicles, and there will be expansion to other cities.

Falafel King is Aces

Due to unseasonably kickass weather, I found myself walking around the neighborhood yesterday. And rather than getting my 15,000th Skinny Godfather at Milio’s (I knew them as Big Mike’s back in Madison), I gave Falafel King a shot.

Solid. Falafel can easily get mealy or bland, and Falafel King’s was neither… in fact, my sandwich came to me hot, straight out of the falafelizer. My only complaint: the pita and its contents blew up with the force of a World War I hand grenade about halfway through. You gotta eat those things carefully.

A Minneapolis Public Service Announcement


To Minneapolis-St. Paul’s citizens gainfully employed in an indoor-office-type setting: do not, under any circumstances, venture outside this afternoon.

For your own sanity and job security, avoid longingly gazing out windows, going out of doors for lunch, exercise, or offsite meetings.

Early reports indicate a terrible virus running amok (at least in downtown Minneapolis) this afternoon.
Authorities are calling it Strain O-70, short for Backtobacksunandrecordhighitis.

The disease seems to strike only those who leave their offices. Victims were last seen stripping out of winter layers, reflecting sunlight off flourescent-white arms and legs. Reports from credible sources seem to indicate that victims of Strain O-70 have the irrepressible urge to leave work, jump in their cars, and head immediately to a lake or park for merriment and hooky-playing. Victims have been spotted with ice-cold beers in hand on back porches and sidewalk cafes all over the city.

Authorities advise all office workers to remain indoors for the remainder of the scheduled workday. Further study indicates a rainy cool snap mid-week will likely kill this fast-moving and vehement virus.

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