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Trader Joe’s Picked Clean on Sunday Night

I ordinarily hate to grocery shop on the weekend. During the day, anyway. The stores are swamped and I hate people. I usually go on a weekday evening, or late night on the weekend. But I didn’t have anything to bring to work today for lunch, so I went to TJ’s last night at about 7:45.

The parking lot was so dead, I thought they were closing at 8:00. (They weren’t. Open 9a-9p every day.) And when I got inside, the shelves were practically empty. Or at least, all the usual stuff I like to buy for lunch was gone.

This isn’t really a surprise. I’m sure Sunday is pretty busy. When do they have time to restock? But man, that almost wasn’t even worth the trip. Moral of the story: Plan ahead. Don’t go right before close on Sunday night and expect there to be a worthwhile selection.

Side note: Is it part of TJ employee training to compliment a customer on at least one of their purchases? Every time I’ve gone there my checker has lauded my choice of something. Yesterday was no exception (the mandarin orange chicken), and I heard checkers in two other lines do the same.

St. Paul Winter Carnival

Photo of bundled up young and old from yesterday’s St. Paul Winter Carnival Parade. It was about 10 degrees with negative wind chill. Hot chocolate line at Dunn Bros was as long as the last two years. Lots of folks standing in skyways, of course.

Didn’t make it over to the Snice Maze, though. Anyone else brave the cold?

If you missed the parade, you can still see the Vulcan Victory Torchlight Parade next Sat., Feb. 3.

RIAA sues two Minnesotans; confirms idiocy

In its latest attempt to stop the global online theft of music, according to the Strib today, the Recording Industry of America (RIAA) filed suit in U.S. District Court against a Minneapolis and Duluth man for illegally downloading/distributing music.

Yawn, you say? No sir. These guys have now been outed for their embarrassing downloads:

Bowman is accused of downloading and distributing 10 songs, including “Running From an Angel” by Hootie & the Blowfish and “Black or White” by Michael Jackson. Smith allegedly downloaded and illegally distributed six songs, including “Criminal” by Fiona Apple and “Money for Nothing” by Dire Straits

Okay, so that’s funny. But even more importantly, am I the only one that thinks these guys downloading 10 and 6 songs respectively are not the RIAA’s problem in the jihad against music fans? I’m sure there are Minnesotans who’ve downloaded hundreds of songs, but they decide to sue the guy who downloaded SIX? It must be “Genius Day” at the RIAA today.

Yeah, this is really going to solve the downward spiral of album sales (

Can we do anything?

Big Brother is here. Well, not really. At least I don’t think Comcast is watching my every move and changing the past and telling me what to do and… the list goes on. But I feel like Comcast is a Big Brother of sorts, even Comcast and 1984 aren’t 100% parrallel. See, they’ve come in and scooped up Time Warner. Now I have to be honest, I haven’t experienced much of either. I’ve never had cable, and only in the last few months have I had internet of my own. But the few weeks leading up to connecting to the world wide web were enough to inspire me to share my disgust. I’m sure my issues aren’t much compared to some people’s problems. I’m also sure people are perfectly happy with their Comcast service. But for those of you who aren’t (or are thinking about getting it), this blog entry is for you. Perhaps we can make a difference. And I have a way we can try.

YouWorkForThem $26 Art Show

artshow.gifYouWorkForThem has an art show tomorrow night (Jan. 26) where they are selling artwork at $26 per piece. And if that wasn’t already a great deal for local art, every hour after 8:00 pm each piece goes down in price by $5 until it’s all gone. Now that’s a cool concept!

According to the Web site:
As the night goes on, the prices will drop and people will take their artwork with them as they leave…We suggest that you get there early so you can see/buy the show while it lasts. Indeed!

“$26” or “Twenty Six Dollars” — 52 (plus) Artworks and Posters by YouWorkForThem

Friday January 26th 5 pm-2 am

1101 Stinson Blvd NE Suite H
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Thursday Night Things to Do

As always, Drinking Liberally is tonight from 6:00-9:00 at the 331 Club.

The Minnesota Chapter of the Electric Auto Association is having its monthly meeting at Flannery Construction in St. Paul. Steve Greenway will present basically everything you’d see in An Inconvenient Truth at this “very special” meeting.

That’s all I got. What are you doing tonight?

Take an Experimental College Class

Experimental College is kind of like community ed, but edgier. Which totally fits with the stereotype of Macalester students I just learned about.

EXCO is committed to using education as a force for social equality and justice and was started as a reaction by students to the cutting of need-blind admissions at Macalester.

Begun in the Spring of 2006 by Macalester students as an alternative to the inequalities and injustices of higher education, EXCO strives to offer the Macalester and surrounding community the opportunity to teach or learn in a space open to alternative education and all kinds of knowledge, including and beyond academic knowledge. Everyone can teach or take a class, and all classes are free.

There are 19 classes offered next term, which starts soon (but I haven’t seen an exact date anywhere).

To register for a class email the teacher, visit, or come to the EXCO infosession on Thursday, January 25th at 6pm in Macalester’s Campus Center, 1600 Grand Ave, St. Paul MN. Spread the word! People of color, queers, radicals, interesting people, etc, are preferred, though everyone is welcome.

This term’s offerings (and teacher emails) are listed after the jump.

Michele Bachmann Has Aisle Seat at State of the Union

The president hasn’t actually started talking yet, so I’m still watching. They just announced him and he’s coming down the tunnel and I could swear Michele Bachmann was right there on the aisle and got her two seconds of handshake. She had a white suit on.

UPDATE: They showed her at the end, too (on CBS), getting her program signed. Also, SOTU liveblogged at the Minnesota Monitor, where my Michele Bachmann sighting is confirmed in the comments.

Link Roundup

Real Urban Art?

With all the condos going up and the questionable saving (or not) of historical buildings, is this something you would rather see on the side of a building downtown? A Moscow suburb decided to experiment with repainting all its drab gray buildings as a Seasonal Affective Disorder antidote.

Now, there aren’t a whole lot of drab gray buildings here. There’s glass, and brick and shiny blue metal and other things. And then there’s Cedar Riverside. But there’s also that one building in Uptown—the alley side of the Rainbow building, I believe [1] [2]—which has got to be one of the most photographed spots in town (at least in Uptown, anyway).

So, would a new-condo-development-sized mural liven up the joint a bit? Or is that asking for trouble? I think that whole complex just north of 94 on the south side of downtown would be the perfect spot. That’s all you would see as you get on the highway from Lyndale.

(via City Comforts)

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