Northeast Minneapolis Citizen Patrol

With crime in Minneapolis becoming more and more prominent in the media, and a perception of relative inaction by politicians, some Minneapolis neighborhoods are taking matters into their own hands.

The Northeast Minneapolis Citizen Patrol is patrolling Northeast Mineapolis and reporting, and sometimes detaining, criminals. The group creates walking groups of 5 or more people, especially in problem areas to let criminals know the neighborhood is watching. Over the past year, here are a few incidents NMCP has been involved with:

Witnessed, and had at least one drug dealer arrested. Plus, NECP groups interrupted hundreds of drug deals in progress just by their presence. Saved a person from being beaten (maybe killed) and robbed behind Sully’s. This incident made the news. Stopped numerous other fights in the area of Central Avenue. Performed a citizen’s arrest on one local prostitute. Turned in many other prostitutes, and worked with our 2nd Precinct city attorney to arrange treatment for one of them. Reported two vacant houses with severe gas leaks and called 911 before explosions occurred (most likely caused by scrap metal thieves).

I’m thinking of starting a similar group for my neighborhood in Midtown Phillips. I’ve lost 3 CD players from my car in 4 years, and my neighbors are frequently victims of vandals.

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