My State Fair (mis)adventures

So… I generally dislike the State Fair. But every once in a while part of my brain conspires against me and tells me to do things I don’t think I like just to remind myself. This year was just such a time. We went Friday from the U of M lot which was near Katie’s work. First off, the lot was full. Wow, we knew we picked a great day when there would be tons of people! Rather than wait for the lot to empty we walked from Katie’s work to the lot.

Well I went there to eat. So what did I like? Surprisingly less than I expected. I liked Giggles Campfire Grill. They’re located by the lumberjacks. They always have something fairly unique. This year they got some mentions for their coconut chicken strips on a stick with a sweet habanero dipping sauce. It was good… but not great. We also had some walleye bites which were okay, but not great.

I had the Cheese Curds, which I think I could have done without. The onion rings are a favorite of Katie’s dad (whom we spent time with at the fair) and reminded me of a fresher tasting version of French’s canned onion rings. I had a bite of Katie’s deep fried candy bar… that can safely stay in my “do not eat ever again” list. In addition to tasting not all that super-great, it apparently had an appalling caloric content.

Our fair fare ended with french fries. Yup, they really are better for some reason at the fair. Not sure why. I’m sure they do all sorts of magic with fattening oils and whatnot that we’d never accept at a traditional restaurant, but make an exception for at the fair.

So, if I can get myself a booth, and a clever food idea, apparently I only need to work enough to have an operational food booth for 10 days and I can live off of that. Could you imagine: So what is it that you do again? I sell Deep Fried Candybars for 10 days a year.

I also heard a number of gross stories related to the Fair, that’ll generally keep me out for the next few years. I think I’ll save up for the Renaissance Festival in the future.

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