Do I need a Lemon-Lime injection?

Has anyone seen those freaked out new Sprite commercials? You know, the ones were an ambulance shows up and little japanese women come out to shock this girls face with lemon and lime. Then a couple of people dressed as lemons and limes smush a guy. It was so weird I don’t even remember all that actually happened.

It got me thinking though about how advertising has to try and reach a HUGE range of people. I’m not just talking about age ranges, but geographically as well. I mean, People who live in the midwest tend to be different from people who live on the coasts. We often times have different view points, social tendancies, etc. So companies that make advertisments for big companies have to try and come up with an ad that will apeal to ALL of us. How hard would that be? I knwo of a few commercials that were filmed and written here in Twin Cities. I tend to like those better. I’m not talking about low budget local ones (like that darned Watson’s commercial), I’m talking the few national Best Buy or Target ads that get done here. So maybe our mindset as midwesterners makes us think different than an east coaster or a westcoaster…

Of course there is the question of movies. The type of comedy or drama that appears in a movie is usually universally bad or good no matter where it shows in the contry. But then or course, they have a lot longer time to set things up. Commercials are only a snipet. Hmm…I guess I might just be thinking about things too hard. What does everyone else think?

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  1. jake (unregistered) on August 6th, 2006 @ 11:34 am

    hmmfff.. you raise a good point. But when you think about the actual meaning and purpose of a commercial, they typically don’t hit on all of the potential topics that are different across the regions.

    You don’t see a Pepsi commercial discussing or making fun of the fact that we call it pop and other people call it soda…

    I guess I have to start paying more attention. Do you have any other examples?

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