It’s getting hot in here

You know it’s hot when you are driving home from work and you see:


That was the sign I saw yesterday as I was driving down 35E in Eagan. Apparently a large chunk of the road broke off and became undriveable due to the heat.

There is releif in sight for later this week, thankfully. This has been the hottest summer in recent memory.

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  1. Greg (unregistered) on August 1st, 2006 @ 10:21 am

    News last night said hottest day (101 degrees) in Minneapolis since 1988 – that’s 18 years. I had tix for the Eels outdoor concert at the MN Zoo last night — decided to stay home instead!

  2. Joe (unregistered) on August 1st, 2006 @ 10:57 am

    You know there may be something to this Global Warming theory after all…

    I bet the winter is more mild than last year and next summer is even hotter.

  3. Erica (unregistered) on August 1st, 2006 @ 3:29 pm

    Pavement failure?! Ack!

  4. Feisty (unregistered) on August 1st, 2006 @ 4:49 pm

    You missed a great concert! (Eels) It actually wasn’t that bad sitting outside. There was a nice breeze.

  5. Jessica (unregistered) on August 3rd, 2006 @ 2:59 pm

    This may be a weird question, if anyone is still reading this thread, but can you tell me if it rained between Tuesday, July 25 and Tuesday, August 1st (I know about the rain on the night of the first)? I was out of town but somehow, my car managed to flood, so I was just wondering when it rained enough to flood my car! Thanks!

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