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Twin Cities CarifestThe 2006 Twin Cities Carifest is Saturday.

There’s a kickoff party tonight:

Bloomington Comfort Inn/Outback
1321 East 78th Street (I-494 & 12th Ave.)
9 pm ’til 2 am
$10 before 11pm
18 to Party • 21 to Drink
Tight Security
For More Info: 612-827-2211 or 612-590-8509

Tight security? Why do they only ever say that at parties where large groups of black folks are expected?

I’d skip the party and hit the festival Saturday. The Carifest website doesn’t have a whole lot of info, but the City Pages has the details:

The 14th annual Twin Cities Carifest (dubbed “The Grande Minnesota Caribbean Get-together”) happens tomorrow afternoon and evening on West River Parkway (between Plymouth and West Broadway, across the street from the Broadway Pizza train car). Everything opens at noon, including a craft fair and food stands, with music until dusk, including the headlining Tropics Steel Drum Band (who usually go on at around 3:00 p.m.), and DJs starting at around 6:00 p.m.

You know the food is gonna be awesome.

Tree Climbing Master Champions

The International Tree Climbing Championship is being held this weekend in Loring Park. Preliminary events are held Saturday from 8:30-4. On Sunday there’s the Head-to-Head Footlock competition at 9am, the Women’s Master Championship at 11am, and the Men’s Master Championship at 1pm.

WTF is a head-to-head footlock?

I wonder what kind of people show up to a tree climbing competition. Is the entertainment value on par with lumberjacks and lumberjills?

(via DeRusha)

Google tricks


A couple hours ago, for a few seconds, the Google search box was typing backwards. I didn’t do this…changed no settings, didn’t type it backwards myself…nothing. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I entered ‘National Geographic’ with a typo. And sure enough, few seconds later it was typing just fine – right to left.

A Google trick or a system quirk? I don’t know.

Death of the penny?

If the U.S. government has it way, the penny might soon be history. Last week, a bill was introduced to pull the penny from circulation by “rounding all transactions up or down to the nearest nickel” (scoop – mostly up!). According to the United States Mint, one penny now costs 1.4 cents to make, and producing and handling pennies costs the US about $900 million a year.

Once again, the bill is considered to have only a slim chance of passing. My colleagues tell me the penny debate surfaces ever so frequently but loses steam quickly too, so there isn’t much threat to the copper-coated coin. However, should the penny meet its fate this time, Minneapolitans can save theirs for posterity by making a quick stop at the Mall. Here’s how:

Anderson Lakes Got THIS Much Cooler

How much?

This much:


yes indeed… I have now moved to Eden Prairie… you’re all just that much cooler now.

I’m big in your town.

FLOW: A Northside ArtsCrawl

According to the City Pages, it’s the first ever art crawl in North Minneapolis. And it’s this Friday, July 28, from 6-10 pm.

Sponsored by the PEACE Foundation, a North Minneapolis community organization.

Murderapolis Once Again

A few weeks ago, I made the mistake of taking a “short cut” home. After a “Girls’ Night” Happy Hour at Psycho Suzi’s in Da NordEast, someone suggested I take West Broadway past 94 to Golden Valley Road, because it happens to be the most direct route to my house. Bad move: I passed two obvious drug deals in process, one shouting match between some chicks and one unattended car fire. I’ve never been so glad to see the Golden Valley city limits sign. Now, I know this area isn’t the greatest but I have to wonder if the cops have just let it go…

On Monday night, there were 2 more murders in Mpls, making the total homocide count reach 38 for the year. One of those murders occurred off West Broadway and 9th. It’s staggering to fathom 38 people killed in under 7 months in our beloved little Midwestern city. I should point out in all of 2005, Mpls saw 47 murders. Clearly, we’re on pace to surpass that number in 2006 at this rate.

Duty-free oxygen

Back at work today, we met with a few aircraft maintenance technicians and got talking about the passenger oxygen system. Now, during an emergency, oxygen is supplied free to all passengers with the help of drop-down masks. However, if you’re an ailing passenger and need a continuous O2 fix, you’ve got to pay! Never mind if you didn’t know this…some technicians in our group didn’t either.

So here’s how I see a conversation developing between an oxygen-starved passenger and a flight attendant:

Pass: “Excuse me, could I have some oxygen please?”

Flt Atndnt: “That’ll be 80 dollars a bottle ma’m. Plus tax.”

Pass (about to pass out): “You mean there’s a charge for it?!”

Flt Atndnt (beaming): “Yes ma’m. You could also try our economy package…that’ll be 50 cents for every breath.”

Gay Bashing at the 19 Bar

I was playing darts with friends last night at the 19 Bar, Minnesota’s oldest LGBT bar (est. 1952), when a man came in and approached the bartender (apparently to ask for change for bus fare). A patron at the bar spoke to the guy (may have hit on him?) and the guy beat the patron to the ground and began kicking him while he was down. He took off out the door, and then for some reason, several minutes later, he ducked his head back in.

That’s when Brandon the bartender, myself, and 2 friends ran outside and found him standing at the bus station at the corner, re-enacting the beating to his friends. Brandon dialed 911 and after very brief wait (maybe 2 minutes) for the Minneapolis Police Department, the guy was arrested and thrown into the back of the squad car.

It’s unfortunate that this stuff still happens. Even if the guy was upset at getting hit on by another guy (which is not clear in this case), this kind of violence is uncalled for and, unfortunately, happens a lot more than is actually reported. Imagine if every woman who was subject to unwanted advances in straight clubs beat down every guy who was harrassing them. We still live in a climate where violent acts are committed based on bias against LGBT people, even in progressive Minnesota, ultra-liberal Minneapolis, uber-gay Loring Park. And in my favorite hangout, the 19 Bar.

I think it’s important to acknowledge the quick thinking by Brandon at the 19 Bar, and the very quick response by MPD. They’ve taken a lot of heat lately with rising crime, and their response to this crime was incredible.

Got $218? Make a movie!

Just wanted to point all y’all in the direction of my cover story for Pulse (where I work as the paper’s graphic artist) on ultra-low-budget filmmaking and online digital distribution. Not only to I provide an introduction to the subject (which I firmly believe will be as transformative to the film industry as mp3s have been to the music industry), but I also give a quick-and-dirty introduction to microbudget digital filmmaking and a very brief overview of some local filmmakers whose work can be found online.

The local filmmakers section is necessarily, but criminally, brief. Anyone we should add to the list?

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