Ladies Love Cool James, Yes They Do

ll1.jpgLL Cool J (aka Todd Smith) did not disappoint last night in concert at The Myth.

My sisters and I arrived at the club around 7pm to get a jump on the line, which worked out well because it landed us in the front row. Before the concert, The Myth’s DJ’s played various bass-pumping hip-hop tunes with their corresponding videos, which were displayed on two humongous LCD screens on either side of the stage. We danced cautiously while hanging on to our front row spots. I discovered there’s nothing special about The Myth; it’s your typical club with a small stage, upper level VIP rooms, 2 large neon-lit bars, expensive watered-down drinks and a wide dance floor.

At 9pm, the opening act, Luke & Q, played for about 45 minutes. Their new single, My Turn, is an R&B cut that spotlights their marvelous singing ability – think Jodeci and RKelly. We were delighted when they threw some CD’s into the crowd and we caught a couple. A little after 10pm, LL made his entrance. As you could’ve guessed, this was by far the most sexually charged concert I’ve ever attended. From our front row perspective, I was less than 5 feet away from LL, which was UNBELIEVABLE. You might want to stop reading this right now if you’re squeamish…

LL did exactly what you would want LL to do: he threw some sweaty terrycloth towels into the crowd, and yes, each of my sisters caught one (they let me touch it too!). He also tossed out some long stemmed red roses (about 100 of them) and about $100 in one dollar bills, which looked like confetti in the air over our heads. He stared right into our faces as he rapped about “loving us better,” which was not an experience for those with a heart condition. He played all of your old favorites: Jingling baby, Rock The Bells, Doin’ It, Mama Said Knock You Out, etc. He took off his shirt, licked his lips and did all of the gratuitous things that again, you’d want LL to do.

The only bad part of this concert was, well, the people behind us. My sisters and I have scratches on our backs and arms – and one of my sisters has bruises on her knees from being pushed into the gate which separated us from the stage. We heard people behind us saying they were going to push us out of the way and that they were going to “put these bitches in their place,” meaning us. I’ve never laughed so hard! Well, no one put us anywhere. And despite the idiots behind us, it was SO worth it.

The photo above is from my cameraphone, since The Myth, of course, doesn’t allow cameras.

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  1. Wendy (unregistered) on July 21st, 2006 @ 12:49 pm

    Wendy loves Cool James, that’s for sure. Thanks for the recap! It was exactly like I figured it would be. :)

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