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You can now subscribe to RSS feeds for each author in every Metroblogging city. If you go to an author’s bio, you can grab the feed from there. Suppose you’ve got a favorite author here in the TC. Or maybe you already read the full TC feed, but you have a friend in Seattle or New Orleans or Dubai or Berlin. Now you can keep tabs on the author(s) of your choice. Subscribe at will!

Sixth Annual Bicycle Film Festival comes to Minneapolis

minnBFF_front.jpgNext week the Sixth Annual Bicycle Film Festival makes its Midwest debut in Minneapolis, July 6-8. Promoters claim it’s “the largest bicycle related cultural event in the country” — highlighting shorts and feature films that celebrate the bicycle in all its various forms and styles. Submissions for this year’s BFF came from over 15 countries, including Iran, Mexico, Ghana, Canada and the U.S.

Screenings take place at Riverview Theater (3800 42nd Ave. S) on July 6th, Bell Museum Auditorium (10 Church St. SE) on July 7th, and The Soap Factory (2nd Street SE) on July 8th, including “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure!!!”

There’s a post-screening party on Friday, and Saturday promises an alleycat (messenger-style race), track stand competition, various track events and bike activities during the day. Download the program here (pdf). Pretty good for $7.

SPECIAL NOTE: Complimentary valet bike parking is available at all screenings. Yes!

After the Minneapolis debut, the BFF will travel to six other cities: Chicago (August), London (September), San Francisco (October), Sydney (October), Tokyo (November) and Milan (December). More info here.

Drunken Scooting

Jason, you’re being careful, right?

(via MNspeak)

Met Council okays University Ave LRT

By a vote of 15-2, favoring it over Bus Rapid Transit.

The latest cost estimate is $930 million. I say that light rail is certainly worth the expenditure, as a part of our long-term regional transit strategy. Face it, the best cities in the world all have massive mass transit infrastructure. But, given that the state can’t get the funds together for high priority highway construction, I’m a little concerned about funding. But projected construction isn’t until 2010.

Here’s another interesting factor:

State voters could also play a role in the project’s fate. The November 2006 ballot will ask Minnesotans to approve a constitutional amendment designating the state’s motor vehicle sales tax to be spent only on transportation. The measure would raise tens of millions of dollars annually, with 40 percent dedicated to transit.

Now, that makes perfect sense to me. Taxes tied to transportation ought to be spent on transportation. But I wonder what else that money goes to now that will need funding.

There’s some debate at MNspeak about alternative rail transit priorities. I agree that there are plenty of commuter rail options that make sense. And I believe there are proposals of some sort for a number of rail lines (e.g., commuter rail projects, Southwest Transitway, and I know I’ve seen others but I can’t find ’em at the moment). But I don’t think that any of those should be higher priority than this line connecting the downtowns.

Summer Voice Lessons

Looking to take some? Here’s your guy:

Greetings, all. I’m a classically-trained singer and am starting a private voice studio out of my home in Longfellow. If you or anyone you know is interested in long-term voice lessons, short-term lessons, or coachings at a reasonable rate, feel free to contact me. Visit or my LJ for more info.

It sounds interesting to me, but I’m too chicken. I get stage fright. If I think nobody can hear me, I can totally belt it out and be just fine. Right on pitch and all that. But the second I feel pressured, my throat totally closes up.

I’m hoping to join the Twin Cities Women’s Choir in the fall.

The choir is currently a non-auditioned group. The only musical requirement is that you can carry a tune and stay on your own part while others are singing something different. Prior choral experience is helpful, even if it was 30 years ago and you were in high school!

That’s me, only high school was 11 years ago. Perfect!

Free Wireless AND Food

I’ve seen requests for lists of places with free wi-fi and beer. I’ve seen requests for places with free wi-fi and open late.

What I want to know is what places have free wi-fi and food. Real food. Burgers and stuff. Not coffee shops with some sandwiches in the refrigerator case.

Off the top of my head:
Wilde Roast
The Herkimer
The Acadia Cafe
Old Chicago
Rock Bottom Brewery

What else? Those links also suggest the 331 Club and poaching the Tea Garden’s wi-fi from across the street at Uptown Diner. Bonus points if you happen to know whether or not the outlets are plentiful. My battery life ain’t so great anymore.

Also, is there a list somewhere that you can search on both these terms? Or is there a restaurant database out there that includes internet accessibility for each restaurant?

B-Girl Be Summit

B-Girl Be 2006 Logo This second annual celebration of women in hip-hop is this weekend at Intermedia Arts. The Women’s Press has a pretty good write up on it.

Along with graffiti artists, DJs and spoken word artists, this year’s event highlights the dance aspect of hip-hop, paying tribute to the original definition of a b-girl, or “breaker girl.” … A major goal of the B-Girl Be Summit is to be family-friendly and to give the community, and especially young girls, a chance to participate.

The Summit runs this Thursday through Sunday (June 29 – July 2), but the exhibition is showing all summer (June 29 – August 19) at Intermedia Arts. The Capri Theater, Nomad World Pub, First Ave & 7th St Entry, the Hennepin Center for the Arts (Studio 5B), and Jawaahir Dance Company are also hosting events during the Summit. Check the full schedule for details.

I see that there’s a live music event on Friday night at Nomad, featuring Desdamona and Black Blondie (amongst others). Desdamona’s the bomb, and I just saw Black Blondie for the first time at the Uptown Pride Block Party. They are smokin’ hot!

I know everyone out there loves them some Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, so make some time to drop by Intermedia Arts this weekend.

We’re a hit!!

I found out last night that Quinton Skinner from the City Pages saw our play, Livelihood last Saturday. He has a very nice write up about it in this weeks paper. I told you it was a good show!! Now you have no excuss but to come down and see the show. Erica saw the review before everyone but me. I got a call that it was up from the writer and went right away. It was kind of weird seeing my face on the City Pages home page. If you can’t get to a City Pages, check it out online here. Hope everyone can make it!!

Twin Cities Book Fair

This weekend at the State Fair grounds, the 16th annual Twin Cities Book Fair is being held. It will be in the Progress Center, which as far as I can tell from the maps on the State Fair’s website, is towards the back of the fair, by Gate 4 near Snelling Avenue.

Also according to the State Fair’s website:

The Twin Cities Book Fair features used books including antiquarian & rare, illustrated & children’s, maps & prints, first editions, Americana, fine bindings, mysteries, private press & out-of-print.

Event Times:
Friday, July 7th: 4pm-9pm
Saturday, July 8th: 10am-4pm

Adults $6
Children 10 & under free

For more information contact Larry Dingman at 952-250-4225

Sponsored by Midwest Antiquarian Booksellers Association

Like a complete unknown

Everyone from Minnesota has a Bob Dylan story, right? I have two connections:
1) My dad’s best friend’s mom used to baby-sit him in Duluth.
2) My mom’s locker mate at Burnsville High School, Rita Driscoll, dated Bob Dylan, sometime between 1962 and 1966, the years my mom went to high school.

Well, tomorrow night (June 29th) on TPT, they’re airing No Direction Home, Martin Scorcese’s two-part film, which focuses on the singer-songwriter’s life and music from 1961-66. I never saw this when it was released in the theater or premiered on PBS or BBC Two last summer, so this should be a good watch!

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