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A whole weekend of sex!!

Yeah, I’m sure that got most peoples attention. Anyway, there have been a few of these things that have swung through town before, but this really looks to be the big daddy of them all. Sexpo 06 hits the convention center May 18th through the 22nd. Game shows, singles dance night, famous sex therapists (Dr. Joy), and even famous porn stars will glitter this extravaganza. KQRS DJs will even make a few appearances to keep things lively. All in all, it sounds like it could be a pretty cool weekend. Read more below for all the details.

Dining Out For Life

Was today! You still have time to catch a late dinner. Local proceeds go to The Aliveness Project.

Dancin’ Machine…

Did you know it is Twin Cities National Dance Week? Neither did I, so don’t feel too bad. Now that I am informed, I was kind of excited to know there are a number of events going on around the Twin Cities to commemorate the event. My recommendation is for this one:

KINETIC KITCHEN dance series
Thur. April 27 – 8PM
Old Arizona Center for Performing & Media Arts (28th & Nicollete)
Featuring: Black Label Movement, Kinetic Evolutions, Anna Marie
Shogren, Lisa Conlin

I love the space and it is REALLY good for dance pieves. Should be a great night out, so go!!

Minneapolis Landmark for Monopoly Board

Hasbro is coming out with a “Here & Now” edition of Monopoly, using landmarks from today’s America. You can vote for the best landmark from a number of cities around the country.

Minneapolis is one of the cities, and, sadly, the Mall of America is winning. The Stone Arch Bridge and Summit Avenue are the other options. As of right now, MOA has 72%, Stone Arch Bridge has 18%, and Summit Ave has 10%. I mean, maybe you think that the MOA is an appropriate representation of the TC for a Monopoly board. I can’t tell you how to vote.

But I can tell you that you can vote once a day.

(via Tale of Two Cities LJ group)

Wish me luck…

I have to buy gas today.

Our License Plate Designs Suck

Local graphic designer Mark Simonson comments on the evolution of license plate designs, and uses the various Minnesota plates as an example. Basically, the prettier they look, the harder they are to read.

(via kottke remaindered links)

The Results Are In

City Pages’ Best of the TC 2006. The theme:

The most fun you can have without hitting Control-Alt-Delete

Why not “Ctl-Alt-Del”?

Anyway. I’m going to go and actually read the thing, feel like I don’t get out enough, and then report back with my likes and dislikes.

Anybody see any perfect picks or egregious errors?

Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day

Is today (Tuesday) April 25, from noon to 8 pm. Here’s the list of participating Minnesota locations.

Sez She
The cast, clockwise from top left: Tracey Maloney, Amanda Rafuse, Beth Gilleland, Aditi Kapil, Kendyl Joi Watson. Photo by George Byron Griffiths.

I went and saw Sez She at the Illusion Theater last night. This is the world premier of the show, written by Jane Martin. It’s a series of 37 monologues, performed by five women. What’s it about? According to the directors:

The author and actors create a portrait gallery of strong and eccentric women who form the world to their liking. They take what they’ve been given, and either come to terms with it or totally conquer.

Many are funny. Some are serious. Most are thought-provoking. To give you an idea of the range, here are some of the scenes that stuck in my head….

A not so silent town called Silent Hill…

Now, let me begin by saying I am a HUGE fan of the Silent Hill video game franchise. I have loved all four of the games and hope they continue to make them creepy and awesome. They really are the scariest games I have ever played. When I heard they were making a movie about it, I just about crapped myself. No, seriously. So, since then, I have been waiting with baited breath for the release. Last night I was privy to the sneak preview. I can proudly say this movie lived up to almost all of my expectations.

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