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Diablo Cody on Letterman

In case you missed it, Chuck caught Diablo Cody’s Letterman gig on video. I don’t really read her blog*, and I probably won’t read her book, but I thought she represented the TC well.

*Though I did for a bit before she got internet famous and I don’t think I even realized at the time that she was from here.

backstage at the Metrodome

I’m getting an interesting view of the Metrodome today, working behind the scenes for the NCAA tournament. My company is providing internet access for the journalists covering the game, so over the past couple of weeks, we’ve ran ethernet across the dome floor, and got things set up. Now I’m just making sure nothing breaks, for the last day of the tournament. Ironically, I’m not a basketball fan at all, and I’m not even sure who’s playing. I think Florida is one of the teams.

It’s interesting to watch security from the vantage point, and to watch the people try to get around security. There are so many rules and regulations. The area I’m in has a buffet table with drinks and snacks. People can carry drinks and snacks out of this area, but they must put the drinks and snacks into an Official NCAA tournament cup. Security is carrying cups around to facilitate this.

Geeks of the world…UNITE!

Some friends of mine were lamenting in their online journals about the sorry state of online dating these days. One person balked at how, on most sites, it felt like they were “shopping” for a date or that the caliber of candidates on the sites was mediocre at best, tending towards people from outside of the United States or older hippie types. Someone else said they discounted people as online friends if they couldn’t spell things correctly or bother to have some semblance of grammar. Another comment was made that, “There should be some sort of geek singles board where you have to pass a test before posting a profile.” Heh. I wholeheartedly agree. The closest I’ve come to finding intelligent people online is okcupid which has superior matching techniques and feels more like a friendly chat/board than a hunting ground. And then today, I ran across this link. PERFECT! Now if one could only find that perfect geek to go with… Maybe one would find someone here.

H-D + Mickey’s = OTP

So I was waiting for my oil change to finish up today, and I was leafing through one of the magazines on the counter, and I saw a print ad for Harley-Davidson. But what caught my eye was not the beautiful motorcycle, but rather Mickey’s Diner on 7th Street in the background! I’ve been looking for an online representation of the ad, but I haven’t found one. Anyone else seen this ad? Too bad there was no mention of the location in the ad. Although, I guess Mickey’s is one of our more well-known claims to fame. Still, it was cool to see it featured in an ad in a national magazine.

State Senators Debate Gay-Marriage-Banning Amendment on NPR

Eleventh Avenue South has the Cliffs Notes transcript. Listen to the audio on MPR’s Midday.

Did anyone go to the People of Faith rally at the Capitol this morning?

Message to Minneapolis Motorcyclists: You aren’t human.

Last June 41-year old Martin Shusta was riding his motorcycle, following all traffic laws, and was struck by State Trooper Scott D. Mittelstadt. The accident killed Shusta, and as you can see from this photo, demolished his bike.

Today has an article about Middlestadt’s plea of guilty to charge of careless driving (the failure to yield charge was dimissed). The sentence was a fine of $563 and a stayed sentence to 30-days in the workhouse. Oh, and the trooper can’t get any tickets until 2007.

This is a phenomena you encounter when you start riding motorcycles. The moment you get on your bike, you become sub-human. It’s okay for someone to mow you down in a careless act, claim they “didn’t see” the motorcyclist they plowed into, and the perpetrators walk away virtually scott-free. When you put on your helmet you not only are imbued with the power of invisibility on the roads, but you become persona non grata in the courts. What makes this situation sting so much for me is that a State Trooper failed to follow traffic laws – the very ones he’s supposed to uphold – and killed someone. For that, he gets a paid vacation and a pittance of a fine.


Bruce Sterling tonight at the Walker

I was just informed by my fried Marty that author Bruce Sterling will be speaking tonight at the Walker Art Center. Sadly, I already have plans and won’t be able to attend, but Marty will be there. Look for the one with the shiny dome. It’s free, but tickets aren’t available until seven, with the talk starting at eight. He’ll be there with Rirkrit Tiravanija, Thai cuisine artist(?)

First sign that Spring is here

Sure, it snowed a little today, but I noticed yesterday that the local A&W is open, and that can mean only one thing – Spring has sprung.

An Iowan ponders the MN Meat Raffle

Being from Iowa (where gambling just exists on Indian reservations), we didn’t have such luxuries as pull-tabs and meat raffles in our bars. I used to live in Vadnais Heights, and we’d often pass by the Vadnais Inn on Rice St. and 694 and chortle at the giant “MEAT RAFFLE” sign out front.

Then this weekend I saw a similar sign at a different bar and decided I should do some digging on this strange MN tradition – or do you call it a sport? Read on…

Too early for springtime?

Friday afternoon, I went to the Flower Show at Marshall Fields 8th floor in downtown Minneapolis (I really, really wanted to type Dayton’s right there). I was hoping there would be a decent link other than just to the Special Events website, but there’s not one. Which kind of brings me to the show itself. I went with my parents, my grandmother and aunt and uncle up from Missouri, thinking it would be something that my out of town relatives would enjoy. Last year’s show, Monet’s Garden, was spectacular. This year, however, is a bit of a let-down. The theme is Avantgarden, and is supposed to be evocative of traveling the Silk Road in Asia. It might just be a little too subtle for my tastes, though. The design is very good in an understated way, but after a dreary winter when we didn’t even have much of a snowy wonderland, I was really looking forward to an explosion of springtime. It’s free, though, and if you work or live downtown, it’s still very nice. Just not as…well…flowery as it could be.

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