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I like Balls…


We are showing a little bit of Livelihood, my new play, at Balls Cabaret this weekend!! If you haven’t been to Balls before, it can be pretty cool. You NEVER know exactly what you are going to get. There has been many different types of acts performing on the stage. You see things like dance pieces, singing, poetry, juggling, stand-up, even magic. It is a really rad open mic show. Yes, anyone can perform on the Balls stage. You just have to have seen a Balls performance before you can perform.

So come on down to the Southern Theater and midnight on Saturday to see a snipet of my show!!

St. Paul Smoking Ban

Goes into effect tomorrow.

Who’s willing to bet we’ll just be repeating all the same stuff we went through when the Minneapolis ban went into effect a year ago?

Science keeps you up at night…

The Science Museum of Minnesota is having a special event called Science Madness!! It runs from 10 A.M. tomorrow (Friday) morning through 10 P.M. Saturday night. There are a TON of activities planned from meeting real life scientists, to star gazing withthe Minnesota Astrnomical Scociety. This is billed as event for all ages, 1-99. Yes, this means you can go do things allll night long tomorrow night. Video games, make your own mechanical puppet, and something called Food-Do-Ku. To top it all off, they are showing two campy Sci-Fi movies as well. The festivities are free after 9 P.M. Friday. I am seriously considering checking it out!!

First Crack Podcast

Garrick Van Buren is the father of podcasting in Minnesota. He bills his First Crack Podcast as “The podcast of stuff you didn’t know you wanted to know about.” He covers his coffee habit, the local music scene, and what’s new in technology and around town. It’s good stuff.

The City Pages did 5 Silly Questions with Garrick a few weeks back.

The latest First Crack episode features J Wynia, one of our former Metblog authors.

Give it a listen.

Almost missed one…

We have another new city to promote in the world of Metblogging. It is none other than Chennai!!

Go there!!

I wasn’t sure where this was so I google earth-ed it. It is in the South Eastern portion of India. See, you learn something every day. No go on over and say to these fine folks!!

Whittier Annual Meeting

If you live in the Whittier Neighbourhood, you should attend the Annual Meeting for the Whittier Alliance tomorrow. It takes place from 6pm to 9pm at the Whittier International Elementary School at 26th and Grand. There will be refreshments and exhibits from 6 to 6:45, and the meeting takes place from 6:45 to 9. This is when board members are elected for the upcoming year, those who head up the various commitees and such for the Whittier Neighbourhood. To vote, you have to live, work or own property or a business in Whittier and bring photo ID with your address, or a utility bill with the same name as the photo ID if your address is not a Whittier address on the ID. If you work in Whittier, bring proof of employment and a photo ID.

I gots me a fever!!!

Today was even more beautiful than yesterday. I got a chance to stretch my legs and walk around a little bit. Buds are apearing on the trees already!! I know it is almost April and that it is perfectly natural. Since we had snow not too long ago, I am not putting anything past mother nature. I am so ready to be outside again. Sure, I get out when it’s freezing out and have a great time, too. There is just something about the spring that makes you want to jump around. Ooooo….and with spring comes thunderstorms :) I love the rain. I am working myself up. I better go…

Big Flaming Ball?

What is that? Could it be that there really is such a thing as “the sun” that we hear so much about?

I hope you all got a chance to get outside today; it’s starting to feel a little like springtime. Hopefully I haven’t doomed us to 6″ of snow tomorrow by saying this.

Interesting use of money…


This picture is a bit blury and you may not be able to tell exactly what is going on so let me tell you. The bulldozer on the left is putting snow into the machine on the right. That machine is then melting it and spewing water out the side closest to the camera. This was mind boggling to me. Why would you need to do that? It isn’t like the mall were this was happening is so full you need to make more room for cars. What was even more amusing to me is the fact that someone actually makes snow melting machines. I can see where they might be handy. You know, if you live in the mountains or something. But here in Minnesota where we haven’t been trounced with a ton of snow in many years, it seemed a little wasteful. That poor man in the bulldozer went back and forth from this huge pile of snow for about three or four hours melting snow. That is a lot of gas put into the effort of something mother nature has been slowly doing for us naturally. How weird…

“Coming Soon”

Trader Joe's Logo We’ve known that Trader Joe’s is coming to St. Louis Park for months. But if a mention in the local paper somehow makes it “official,” then it’s official. Word on the street is the opening is scheduled for mid-May.

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