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A second chance at short documentaries

The Riverview is showing the Oscar nominees for Best Short Documentary again this weekend, in case you missed it:


Still growing…

As of this morning, metblogs is 43 cities strong. We have just added our newest city:


Please go say howdy and welcome everyone to our continually growing online community.

Second local brewery comes to Twin Cities – Surly!

Owning my own brewery is definitely up there in the Top 20 life goals. As an official Mr. Beer DIY brewmaster and all around beer lover, this Strib story from Saturday caught my attention. It’s a story about the Twin Cities’ first successful beermaker since Summit, whose new beer – Surly – launched last month. It totally reeks of a Drew Carey dream come true.

Dublin riots…

Seems there has been a huge bout of riots happening in Dublin. Our very own Dublin Metblog has some of the scoop. Go check it out HERE.

Coach Said Not To tonight!

Image Hosted by
Y’all come! Coach Said Not To is playing tonight at the Hexagon with Superdanger and Choplogic. Come on, it’s FREE!

It’s at least getting me out of the apartment.

I’m also being taken to one of the top ten rated restaurants in the Twin Cities, but I’m not sure which one yet because it is a–gasp!–surprise. More later…

Reports have been greatly exaggerated…

I’ve been travelling and I’ve been sick, which has torpedoed my writing like nothing else. I’m starting to feel better, so I’m off to do a bit of shopping in our fine TC, with maybe a walk around one of the Uptown Lakes. I’m also going to try to make it to the Riverview to see the documentary shorts that Lex posted about earlier in the week. Tonight at midnight at the Uptown, they’re showing a 1970s 3-D dirty movie called Lollipop Girls in Hard Candy. They trot this one out every so often. I’m not sure how explicit it is, but apparently it causes more laughter than anything else. It does have John Holmes in it. Talk about putting 3-D through its paces.


Hey, I just noticed they changed our site name from Metroblog Minneapolis to Metroblog Twin Cities. Yippie!!! I was trying to get that to happen ages ago. It actually says Minneapolis and that “other” city, then says Twin Cities. So now we can freely talk about that “other” city over the river to the east. You know, the one that closes early and has all the pretty buildings.

I know we always talked about those things, but now it just seems more official…

Dental care is scary…

Has anyone ever noticed how hard it is to get a fast dental appointment? Especially on a Friday? I had a piece of my filling fall out today at work. I left work thinking I could get it fixed this afternoon. Silly me, I guess. Most offices are closed by 1 or 2 on Fridays, and hardly any of them are open on weekends. The earliest I could get in to have my filling checked out and refilled was Monday. Now, I am not in ANY pain which the person I spoke with says was a really good sign. If I had been in pain, there are actually emergency dentists you can go to. This thought kind of made me giggle. Can you imagine a show like ER but with dentists? How many garbled conversations about fishing and what you did last weekend can you fit in one season? Hee hee…

You need to catch The World’s Fastest Indian

Maybe you’ve heard about this film about an old codger racing his motorcycle. It looks like your typical underdog-triumphs-over-adversity flick. And in a way, you’d be right. But what you may not know is that the film is really a touching and funny story of a determined man who traveled all the way from New Zealand to get “one good run” at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah on a machine that was over 40 years old.

I knew a little about The World’s Fastest Indian, but was incredibly impressed not only with Burt’s big idea, but
with his determination, heart and charm as portrayed in this film. There’s also a book about Burt Munro’s 1967 land speed record – which still stands today – for a streamlined motorcycle under 1000 ccs: over 200 mph. But if you can’t get your hands on the documentary (or even if you can), you should see this film.

It only has limited showings here in Minneapolis, in Edina at the Landmark, or Roseville at the UA Pavilion, and Inver Grove Heights at the Kerasotes Showplace 16.

Even if you’re not a biker, like me, you’ll enjoy this film. This film has shot to the top of my list of motorcycle movies (of which I’ve seen a LOT), but it’s enjoyable for everyone. It’s rare that the motorcycling world gets a film like this (the last one we saw come around was Faster, the 2003 documentary about Moto GP racers), that tells an important story in the history of the sport. Go catch this Indian before it’s too late!

Anthony Hopkins portrays
land speed record holder
Burt Munro in
“The World’s Fastest Indian”

The real Burt Munro

The Current vs. Current TV

I heard on the Blimp 9 News this morning that MPR’s The Current is suing Al Gore’s Current TV, and finally tracked down this STrib story. Yes, it’s a fairly lame story, but I thought I’d share anyway…

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