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Watching movies for a cause.

Last night I went to the Riverview for the fundraiser to send Minneapolis kids to Space Camp. I got to see the excellent film Galaxy Quest and help raise money for a good cause. The kids were able to make about $750 bucks last night!

Sonata Arctica – Heavy Metal Tuesday!

If you’re a fan of heavy metal, you’re in luck tonight. The Finnish prog metal quartet Sonata Arctica play Star Central tonight for an 18+ show.

Local metal group Visideon and Omaha metalists Cellador open. Music starts at 7:30 p.m. See you there!

They need lessons…

I saw another example on why Minnesota should require the elderly to take another driving evaluation. I was carrying two cases of wine for a small old lady. As she was pulling up to the curb, her foot hit the accelerator….hard. I am assuming she was driving with a foot on each of the pedals instead of using just one. As she sped towards a concrete pillar right outside of our front door, she tried to step hard on the brake. Woops!! She stepped hard on the gas. She slammed REALLY hard into the pole, totally destroying her front bumper. I was surprised her airbags didn’t go off. Looking completely nonplussed by the whole event she put the car in reverse and peels backwards as fast as she sped forwards. She jumps over a median in the parking lot, just barely misses a couple of parked cars, and almost manages to run her back end into the same pillar she ran her front into. With a screech of rubber, she finally stops. She puts the car in drive again and starts to turn around and come back at me, just barely missing a car as it is driving into the parking lot. A young woman was standing next to me in as much awe as I was in. We both backed up into the building as she came around to try and stop again. She finally manages to get the car up to the curb. I wait until she has it in park and has stepped out of the car before I venture back out. She looks at me as she pops the trunk and says “Well, that wasn’t pretty. Just throw them in the trunk.” She waves good bye and leaves like a normal driver. She seemed completely unphased by the whole thing.

In other states, I believe they have put into effect a law which requires people to retake a driving test every few years once they are in their elder years. I am all for it. That woman is going to kill someone. I would like for that not to happen…

Fun and exciting…

I may have told you guys that I auditioned for a small independant feature film last Sunday. It was a great time and I thought I did a pretty good job. Turns out they want me to come back in and read some more. Yes folks, I got called back!! It is possible that some dayI will be making a post to invite everyone to the world premiere of “Icebreaker” right here in the Twin Cities. Then all of you can come down and see my large head on a movie screen. How weird would that be? I’ll be sure to keep you guys informed as to the goings on from here…

First motorcycle sightings.

Speaking of 50o days, I have spotted a couple motorcycles out on the road. Last night driving home (while it was still daylight!) from work, I saw a dude on a big Harley near Hiawatha and 32nd. This morning at work I saw one lonely motorcycle parked in the parking ramp.

I usually don’t ride when it gets below 45o myself. At speed it’s just too damn cold. Today feels balmy, but I didn’t want to put the battery back in one of my bikes, then navigate the wet, salty roads in the inevitable chill. Yeah, I’m a big baby.

However, to celebrate the imminent riding season, I bought a new jacket from New Enough, a terrific online motorcycle gear store. I’ve been impressed with their service and selection of women’s gear.

St. Paul Winter Carnival Parade Saturday

Hey, I’ve been gone to NYC and the Sundance Film Festival for work and haven’t been around to post much in the past few weeks. However, I’m back in time to post something about the St. Paul Winter Carnival, which has its King Boreas Grande Day Parade Saturday, Jan. 28 at 1:30 throughout downtown St. Paul. You can download a parade route pdf HERE, but a safe bet is to stake out either side of the Ecolab building.

You really had to feel for the ice sculptors, whose creations were melting today for the annual competition. Who predicts 50 degrees in January in MN? Not me.

In local internet news….

The publishers of The Rake are taking over MNspeak. To be clear, The Rake has not bought MNspeak. Tom Bartel, the publisher, and his son Matt have bought MNspeak.

I’m sad Rex is leaving. Rex is internet famous around here. I know he didn’t (and doesn’t) do MNspeak by himself, but I feel like MNspeak is Rex, even though he insists otherwise.

I’m talking like I know Rex or something.

Unrelated: I love love love the banner photos over there. Check out the gallery of current photos.

Riverview tonight!

Tonight the Riverview Theater is hosting the 2006 Fearless Filmmakers Screening at 7pm, with an excerpt from the film Urban Explorers. Admission is 10 bucks, reception afterwards at Nochee. Never mind theaters, support your local filmmakers!

Watch a movie – send Minneapolis kids to Space Camp

Galaxy Quest – 1/30 – 7:00pm Riverview Theater

For just $5, you can see a movie AND help 50 Mpls public school kids get to space camp.

The preparatory classes as well as the trip to the camp in Alabama this May promise to be a terrific learning opportunity and a wonderful experience for the kids.

I heard about this through the grapevine – there’s nothing on the Riverview website about it yet. BUT! Everyone should come out to see a fun film and help raise money to send these kids to Space Camp. I myself attended the Space Academy (camp for older students) when I was a kid and it was one of the highlights of my childhood. These kids will have lifelong memories of their experience, so please come out to the Riv!

The strange world of Canadian politics.

Our neighbors to the North have been undergoing some political turmoil recently. Thank goodness they have the kind of people like the Marijuana Party to help bring order to the chaos.

Aiden Wiechula

Party: Marijuana Party

Birth date: Nov. 10, 1985
Age: 20.
Birthplace: Halifax, N.S.

Education: Student at Trent University majoring in History
Profession: Student.

Career background: Treeplanter

From the CBC: Peterborough Riding Candidates

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