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Does it still work?

I was driving home slowly yesterday in the maddening traffic and letting my mind wander. I started to think about the not so new traffic light cameras. You really haven’t heard much about them recently. Then I began to think about how they could work in the winter. I’m not a super tech geek, but I do know that sometimes electronics are slower to respond when the temperature drops. I was wondering if the cold weather affected our brand spankin’ new technology? I am assuming it isn’t, but wouldn’t it be funny if it was? A large portion of our year would render our cameras completely useless. It would seem like a thing government would do. I’m sure they are working just fine. I certainly don’t want to test them just to find out. Just a crazy thought process on my usually short trip home from work.

P.S. – Learn how to frickin’ drive, Minnesota.

Coach Said Not To tonight!

Even though the Honeydogs cancelled their appearance due to a medical emergency, y’all should still come on down to the 7th Street Entry to see Joanna James, Byzantine Generals Problem (who unfortunately don’t seem to have a website), and good friends of friends of mine, Coach Said Not To. The nice folks at the 7th Street even lowered the price from $8 to $6!

Don’t let the bitter cold stop you either!

MOBster Meeting

Via Dave’s Picks I see that there’s a meeting of the Minnesota Organization of Blog(ger?)s tomorrow (Saturday) at 5:00 p.m. at Keegan’s Irish Pub in Northeast.

I’ve never heard of this MOB before. Not that I should be privy to all things blog-related in town. But I like to think I’m in the know, you know. Although looking at the list of folks in the MOB, a lot of them are political blogs and I try to stay as far away from those as possible. So maybe I’m not really missing anything.

They say they’ve got 70 RSVPs. Anyone planning on going? Or is anyone brave enough to infiltrate and report back?


Slow posting on the Metroblog this week. It must be fatigue from all the shoveling. Or maybe the fact that the log-in seemed broken all day today until just now.

I noticed that single game tickets for the MN Swarm lacrosse team go on sale tomorrow.

Home Opener is Friday, January 6th vs. Philadelphia Flyers.

Anybody go last season? I remember they gave away tix for the opener last year. I went ahead and bought tix, but to me, it just doesn’t feel very “Lacrossey” in MN right now.

soon to be travelling again

I’m heading for Fargo, ND this weekend and Springfield, MO over the holiday weekend, to celebrate with two different families. Sadly, neither of these places are as cool as the TC. Sure, Springfield has Bass Pro Shops, and Fargo has the Fargo Theater, but neither of the two cities will be showing Brokeback Mountain (yes, that again) while I’m there. I won’t be able to take relatives to the theater, sit them down in a seat and make them watch it.

So we rock as a film city, officially. Get your tickets for the show at the Uptown for this weekend. And bring someone whose hand you can hold.

It was the time of high adventure.

No, nothing like Conan the Barbarian, just my morning commute. I’ve already confessed to being a Lazy Scraper, but this morning I diligently removed the tonnage of snow on my car, even clearing headlights and taillights. I then proceeded to remove the snow from myself, since it seems that I pick up as much snow on my jacket, pants and shoes as I brush off the car.

Then I was off. I gingerly navigated the unplowed alley and slid and sputtered out onto the street. Things were going great until I tried to get onto 94W from Hwy 55. There was a firetruck blocking the exit. I can only presume someone took that left hander into the small tunnel kinda hot and lost it.

Plan B involved going downtown to eventually re-emerge on 394W. And a good plan it was. However, other people aren’t very good at figuring out where lanes should be when they can’t see the handy lines on the road. Some creative manuevering kept me on track.

Back on the highway! Nothing else to be concerned about except the snowplow in the right lane. I pass him and give him a wide berth, but watch as three other drivers cut off the plow to wedge themselves into the space I’d left. Who in their right mind cuts off a dumptruck with a giant plow on it?

I’m glad I left late to work (what with my diligent snow removal), because almost everyone had already spun out by then.

Riverview Showing of Lord of the Rings

To follow up on Erica’s post about the Riv showing LOTR:

The Riverview Theater is pleased to announce a presentation of the Lord of the Rings trilogy on Monday, January 2, 2006. The schedule is as follows:

The Fellowship of the Ring 11am – 2:00pm
The Two Towers 2:45 – 6:05pm
The Return of the King 7:00 – 10:00pm

Doors will open at 10am.
Tickets are $6 in advance and $7 at the door. Admission to an individual film will be $3. There is no advance ticketing for individual films.

More details below:

Brokeback Mountain

I’ve been touting this on my own blog. It’s such an amazing movie that grows on you the more you think (read, obsess) about it. I saw it Sunday night at the Walker with a group of friends who ended up having an extra ticket. I tried to get tickets myself a couple of months ago and it was already sold out. When this friend called and said, “Hey, I have an extra ticket, can you get here in 20 minutes?”, I jumped. Fortunately, I was able to swing a ride there (thanks, Marty). I thought the Walker had built a new theater, but it screened in the cinema that films have been showing in for awhile there. The seats are terribly uncomfortable. Didn’t matter, the movie captivated me.

The film is breathtaking, and not just for the subject matter. The scenery is beautiful, the acting is great. You may strain to understand what Ledger says on occasion, but the mumbling is part of the character.

It starts at the Uptown Theater on Friday. I believe it will sell out, so get there early. I’m not sure when it goes to the megaplexes, but this weekend, it’s just the art houses, I think.

I wish I could make it back to the Walker tonight. Ang Lee is there with the producer, talking about Brokeback and his other films. Sadly, the talk is sold out. Anyone want to swing a former film student a ticket?

Hope you’re not squeamish.

I heard on the radio the other day that the Body Worlds exhibit is coming to the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Throughout the ages, medical scholars and students have strived to understand how our bodies function through exploration of real human specimens. BODY WORLDS, one of the most highly attended touring exhibitions in the world, takes this tradition one step further by presenting a new look at the human body.

The exhibition features almost 200 authentic human specimens, including entire bodies, individual organs and transparent body slices that have been preserved through the process of Plastination, a technique that replaces bodily fluids and fat. BODY WORLDS offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see and understand our own physiology and health and to gain new appreciation and respect for what it means to be human.

I almost saw it in Chicago, but it ended up not working out. I knew the exhibit was traveling, but I had no idea it would be coming here. I’ve heard it’s absolutely amazing.

See the official Body Worlds site for more information on the process of plastination and the exhibit.

What will make a better Downtown in 2006?

The Skyway News wants to know what you think.

January is the month of good intentions. But what about Downtown Minneapolis: What should the neighborhoods where we live and work be doing in the way of self-improvement in 2006?

Bolster the art scene? Clean up Hennepin? Build more? Build less? Stop and smell the roses? Lose a little weight?

We’ll print your New Year’s resolutions for Downtown in our January 2 issue.

(via Behind The Mortgage)

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