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Skipped the Holidazzle Again

So this is my third Christmas as a Twin Cities resident, and I again skipped the Holidazzle, the Marshall Field

High kickin’!!

I went to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular last night. What fun!! It is a very silly, very cheesy dance show overflowing with Christmas cheer. If you don’t really like Christmas, the only reason to go would be dancing and unfortunately, it isn’t all that spectacular. Sure, they are really good at what they do, but it is kind of uninspired. It WAS really great to see dancers who where all doing the same thing at the exact same time with all there arms and legs at the exact same hieght. It takes a lot of work to be that polished. So, congrats on that aspect. It was also cool to see a few of the numbers they are famous for. Most notibly was the Wooden Soldiers number. It was really cool to see. There is another number where they come out dressed up in big bear costumes and dance to the Nutcracker Suite. I laughed almost the entire time, it was so frickin’ cute!!

At the end of the show, all the dancing stops and they get all biblical and present the Living Nativity. It was VERY religious and silly. A big waste of time. Who cares that there are live animals on stage? The other big problem I had with the show was that during the tap numbers, the dancers shoes were not mic’d at all. Instead, you could hear little tap sounds prerecorded along with the prerecorded music. How stupid is that? Luckly I was sitting close enough to hear the real taps. It proved that they were actually doing it. I would have been really pissed had I just heard the prerecorded taps and paid a lot of money for my ticket. As it was, it was free and I had great seats.


Yes, indeed. We just launched our 39th metroblog in Singapore!! You can check out all the Pacific highjinx daily with this new site. Have fun :)

Go to Singapore!!

What you blog can be used against you…

We’ve heard of employers finding their employee’s blogs and reprimanding them or even firing them. Now there’s a case in Florida of a teen who plead guilty to DUI manslaughter charges after prosecutors discovered a confession in his blog. [link]

A Florida teenager has pleaded guilty to a DUI manslaughter charge after prosecutors discovered a confession on his online blog. The 18-year-old had been in the back seat, and pulled the steering wheel as a prank.

He told investigators that he remembered nothing of the crash that caused a friend’s death and left another seriously injured, but three days after the crash, he wrote, “I turned the wheel that sent us off the road.”

What does it mean to “live” somewhere

If you follow any local political news, you know by now that Sue Ek has been removed from the ballot in St. Cloud (though her site doesn’t yet show any indication) for the state representative special election. The whole mess revolved around whether she “lives” in St. Cloud or St. Paul.

What intrigues me about the situation isn’t any sort of political intrigue (I don’t care one way or the other). Rather, it’s how we all live with assumptions about the definition of “living” somewhere, yet most of those definitions don’t actually work if you push them. This became clear to me in college when, for a summer, I stored my stuff at a friend’s apartment. I only spent one night there, but the landlord pitched a fit because I was “living” there without applying to do so and signing a lease.

I’m curious what everyone’s definitions of “living” somewhere actually are. Does sleeping there do it, getting your mail there, keeping your stuff there?

If someone spends 9 months out of the year out of town, is the house they return to still their “home”?
If someone has an apartment in the city during the week and a house in Brainerd on the weekend, both outfit for day-to-day life, which is their residence?

In most cases, I suppose, we declare this ourselves by where we register our driver’s license, etc., but there are plenty of ambiguous situations just like the one in the news that really make me question what set of standards we’re using.

Just to prove they aren’t stinky…

Metblogging has reached Paris, folks. Feel free to visit them and learn all about stuff that happens in Paris. Can you tell I haven’t a clue? I know they like wine and esspresso. I think cheese plays a big part in their life. I’m a stupid American…

Go to Paris!!

Best breakfast EVAR.

On a hunt for a good omelet this weekend, I used the Twin Cities Citysearch monstrocity to find breakfast places I haven’t visited yet. I found therein Fat Nat’s Eggs.

Tucked away in a strip mall in a vague area of New Hope, Fat Nat’s is my new favorite breakfast place. I have a fondness for diners – the atmosphere, the decor, the food. I love it. And Nat’s doesn’t disappoint. There’s counter seating as well as 2- and 4-top tables stacked with condiments; waitresses zooming about and fry cooks yelling orders from the kitchen in back.

The service was friendly and fast, and the food was absolutely incredible. Nat’s boasts a fresh made-to-order menu full of favorites and some interesting twists on breakfast and lunch. I had a four egg omelet that was good to the last bite. Giant breakfast for two was less than $20 bucks, too.

Trader Joe’s Coming to St. Paul

On University Ave, near I-94 and Hwy 280. A developer is asking, and Trader Joe’s seems interested. This would be in addition to the one already slated to go in in St Louis Park.

Two-Buck Chuck for the east side!

(via Behind The Mortgage)

Antoine’s, a Second Review

Hey, Jason! I finally got around to eating at Antoine’s. We went on Saturday, early afternoon.

I liked the gumbo I ordered. My girlfriend’s Shrimp Creole was decent. I’d like to try a poboy or the crawfish caesar salad sometime. I thought it was a little on the spendy side. $14 for the gumbo, $16 for the shrimp creole.

The service sucked. It was slow. Not rude, but generally clueless. Instead of just apologizing for the delay, one server blamed someone else for the problem. “Sorry it took me so long. I didn’t even know you had been seated….” Uh, okay. And the person that seated us in the first place (and waited on us the rest of the time), seemed to think we had just popped in to look around the place and see how they had redecorated or something. Yeah, we came in and looked longingly at a booth and at the menu displayed because we were just taking a break from the cold outside.

We were given the brunch menu. Apparently Saturday was the first day of the brunch menu. Brunch is served until 2 p.m., and then they switch to the dinner menu. Our server seemed to have a little trouble explaining that. Our friend had pancakes and eggs for $6. She said they were okay, but nothing spectacular.

We did see the owner floating around and talking to people towards the end of our meal. She seemed pretty friendly and genuinely concerned that everyone was enjoying their food.

I got the impression that some corners were being cut, simply because the place is new and they need to build up some business first. I think they can do just fine in their location, with their menu. But they really need to hire some better waitstaff. For real. Seriously.

I really wanted to like it. And I want Diane Ruona to succeed as a minority business owner. But it was just a little too pricey and the service on that day was waaay to awful. I’d eat there again, but I don’t think I could convince my friend or my girlfriend to go with me.

Oh, and no Hurricanes.

Local Music Yearbook ’05

The current issue of the City Pages reviews the year in music. How many of these moments were you a part of?

(Me? None.)

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