Bar hopping made difficult

So some friends have been in town for the holidays, and last night, we attempted to go bar-hopping. We had good luck at our first stop, the Leaning Tower of Pizza over on University. It was English pub trivia night, and our table came in second place! w00t! It was also rather deserted, I presume because all the college kids went home for the holidays. Nice.

But then trivia was over, and we wanted to move on. We immediately thought, “Grumpy’s!” So we trekked on over there only to find that it was–gasp!–closed! What? Closed? On a Tuesday non-holiday night? I don’t know what the explanation was for this, but they lost our business that night, not that it hurt ’em any.

Well, the Corner Bar down the block on Washington Ave. provided our haven for the rest of the night, a bar that was also pretty empty, so we had our pick of the jukebox. We also happened to meet J.P., “The Radio Slave,” one of the DJs on Drive 105. He was very cool, very funny, and also very tipsy, not that there’s anything wrong with that!

All in all, a very fulfilling and drunk night, a perfect New Year’s warm-up. Now we just have to figure out where to celebrate the New Year. One friend calls it the “Amateur Drunk Holiday” since the teetotalers come out of the woodwork and get all liquored up. So what are other people doing? Have a special place picked out? Staying home for the evening? I’m torn between going out for the evening or staying home with some friends and watching cartoons and drinking champagne. Classy!

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  1. Phil (unregistered) on February 16th, 2006 @ 10:27 am


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