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NY Eve parties in Mpls/St. Paul

Hey hey, it’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow and here’s a quick rundown of local parties/concerts that are on my radar. Feel free to add other not-to-be-missed events in the comments! Here we go…

Bar hopping made difficult

So some friends have been in town for the holidays, and last night, we attempted to go bar-hopping. We had good luck at our first stop, the Leaning Tower of Pizza over on University. It was English pub trivia night, and our table came in second place! w00t! It was also rather deserted, I presume because all the college kids went home for the holidays. Nice.

But then trivia was over, and we wanted to move on. We immediately thought, “Grumpy’s!” So we trekked on over there only to find that it was–gasp!–closed! What? Closed? On a Tuesday non-holiday night? I don’t know what the explanation was for this, but they lost our business that night, not that it hurt ’em any.

Well, the Corner Bar down the block on Washington Ave. provided our haven for the rest of the night, a bar that was also pretty empty, so we had our pick of the jukebox. We also happened to meet J.P., “The Radio Slave,” one of the DJs on Drive 105. He was very cool, very funny, and also very tipsy, not that there’s anything wrong with that!

All in all, a very fulfilling and drunk night, a perfect New Year’s warm-up. Now we just have to figure out where to celebrate the New Year. One friend calls it the “Amateur Drunk Holiday” since the teetotalers come out of the woodwork and get all liquored up. So what are other people doing? Have a special place picked out? Staying home for the evening? I’m torn between going out for the evening or staying home with some friends and watching cartoons and drinking champagne. Classy!

No more Dr. Laura

I usually listen to FM 107 in the mornings. At noon, I flip over to MPR, because Dr. Laura comes on.

I was pleased to get an email today stating that as of January 2, Dr. Laura will no longer be airing and will be replaced by the Satellite Sisters.

I’m sure programming decisions have a long-ish lead time, so I hope that’s the main reason why it took them so damn long to drop Dr. Laura. I mean, really. She’s an awful awful person. Although it’s kind of funny to listen to people call in to one show or another and go off on a completely unrelated tangent about how the station should drop Dr. Laura. And she is skanky.

The big four oh…

Metblogs has just added our 40th site. Welcome Metblog Mumbai!!

Go to Mumbai!!

Now, I have to admit I had no idea where Mumbai was. I did some searching (mostly on there own site) and figured out that is is the city with the old name of Bombay in India. This is a huge city!! Heard of Bollywood? Mumbai is it’s home. Go check ’em out!!


I won’t be there tonight, but I wanted to talk up the Hexagon Bar at 2600 27th Ave S in Minneapolis. Total dive bar, but a lot of fun, and Wednesday nights, DJ Jake Rudh hosts Transmission there. I was there last week for his New Wave Christmas Party (not Christmas music, just New Wave), and it was great. The drinks are cheap, and the dance floor is cozy. They also have great darts in the main bar as well. Hopefully, I’ll make it back next week.

Holiday tunez

The Xmas music started up at my office on November 16 and still persists this week.

I’ve already “had myself a merry little Christmas” and “decked the halls” and Santa Clause ALREADY came to town. Perhaps if we’re going to keep the tunes after Xmas, only those associated with the non-Xmas themes should be allowed — Jingle Bells is the only one I can think of right now. Guess I don’t really want to hear Jingle Bells nonstop, either.

Can’t believe I’m starting to crave canned elevator music again…

In need a holiday after my holiday.

I went into this holiday season utterly unprepared. I pulled off all my shopping on the 23rd and 24th, as well as getting some work done on my car and some other needed shopping done.

My family was pretty reasonable. I think the presence of my cousin’s new spud helped distract them from bickering with each other. In a first for me I went to visit with my boyfriend’s father in Duluth. It was a good time just snacking and shooting the breeze with them.

I can’t believe how much I ate the last few days. Oof. Today I’m back on the ball with my diet and exercise program, literally. For Christmas I got a stability ball and workout DVDs and I tried them out this morning and was surprised at how good a workout it was.

I’m on vacation from work this whole week, and am looking for things to keep me busy, besides the bevy of books, DVDs and video games that Santa brought. I plan to catch a last-minute visit to the display at Dayton’s Marshall Field’s, and maybe a shot at ice skating at the Depot. I know, I’ll go over to see Nate and ask for vintage Yellow Tail!

Car+Ice = X

About 9 days ago I posted about how every year we have the same two news cycles (pre- and post-winter) when idiots park their cars on ice and then are shocked that they fall in.

Well, last night I laughed out loud at this story about cars falling into lakes while their owners were ice fishing. The pictures are priceless.

Made it…

Whew!! Another holiday has come and passed. It was really great to hangout with my family and eat…a lot. I even got to take home some of my special grandma receipe Swedish meatballs. They are hands down the best meatballs I have ever tasted. Anyone want to challenge me?

Christmas felt weird this year because I didn’t have a chance to anything Christmas-y until the 23rd. I had to fix my car so that held me back from buying any of my presents until Friday night. I still had the Christmas spirit, just not a huge chance to show it off.

I had three parties to go to this year. I sometimes wish I could lump them all into one so I could get them all done at the same time. I love my family, don’t get me wrong. I just feel like three parties for one weekend is a bit much. Can’t everyone just get along? I don’t even think it would be possible, but worth a try. Maybe next year…

One final Christmas rant…

Ok, if you feel like it is necessary to call a store to ask a question during the holiday season, please now we are VERY busy. DO NOT sit on the line and ask a million questions. COME INTO THE STORE AND WE CAN GIVE YOU SERVICE!! I don’t have time to sit on the phone for ten minutes and aswer questions about wine. I would be glad to show you around the store when you come in. Thank you.

Now that that is over, there is only one more full day of shopping left and I couldn’t be happier. Is it just me or does this year seem especially busy? Granted, I just did all of my shopping today and it went very smoothly. The only problem I had was with parking lot traffic. I thought I was gonna run out of gas before I made it back to the highway. That would have really slowed down traffic…

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