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Music tonight and animal free shoes

Only took me an hour to get from downtown St. Paul to Bloomington this morning

Local band…huzzah!

I missed their show this past weekend, but Coach Said Not To is definitely one local band everyone should totally check out. I saw them at the Hex a few months ago when former Mpls Metblogger Wes’ band Wes Burdine and the Librarians opened for them. (Good luck to him in Philly, btw.) And they pretty much rawked. I’m planning on going to see them at the Honeydogs show in December. Eek! I miss the Honeydogs! Y’all come!

10 million light rail rides

Looks like Light rail’s 10 millionth ride has happened. What’s interesting about this is that it wasn’t projected to happen until August of 2006. Of course, I’m sure Dick Day will still just say that the same numbers he thought were unrealistic in 2004 were actually deliberately low to make sure they’d exceed expectations. Too bad it’s taken this long to get even the smallest portion of the grand railcar system this city used to have.

We’re finally moving along despite Owatonna’s own ambassador of “everyone in their own car” transportation policy.

This family is getting big…

After launching two new cities last week, we were shocked when word came down that two more cities were launched yesterday!! Please go check them out.



Looks like Dubai hits the ground running with a report of an earthquake, while Miami is having a nice art fair this week. It’s like chaos theory. A man buys a painting of a butterfly flapping it’s wings in Miami and there is an earthquake in Dubai. I am kidding of course. I hope everything is ok for our newest city…

Food-centric entry

Given the feasting holiday we’ve just gone through, I thought I’d post a food-centric entry, as long as we’re not all tired of hearing about food! There’s a couple restaurants around town, only one at which I’ve actually eaten, that I think everyone should know about, if they don’t already.

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, my parents and I went out to eat. I know! Sacrilege, right? But it seems like more and more people are doing that these days. While we were there, we heard people making their reservations for next year! Where? The Lake Elmo Inn. They were having their annual Thanksgiving buffet, and it was divine. You might think, “Buffet? On Thanksgiving?” But really, it was chock-full of every Thanksgiving food you could want…well, except for green bean casserole. It’s a little on the pricey side, but well worth it, I think. They are well-known for their brunch buffet and have won many awards in recent years. I hope to make it back there soon.

The other place I’ve only just recently heard of but haven’t yet tried is Keys Cafe. I caught an ad for them on local TV the other night, wherein they boasted that they made “The food you grew up with.” Seems they have many locations around the cities, and I’m looking forward to trying one of them out. Anybody eaten here before?


Gridskipper is “the urban travel guide” in the Gawker Media family of sites. I had skimmed it a little when it first debuted, but the content is pretty all over the place, so it didn’t hold my interest enough to make it a regular read.

I see now that they have everything categorized by city, so you can browse everything Minneapolis-related and/or subscribe to the Minneapolis-only RSS feed.

Also, Gridskipper is for accepting nominations for The Urbs: 2005 Urban Blogging Awards. So if you know anyone ’round hyeah that deserves to be recognized, nominate ’em. Don’t let New York and Los Angeles win everything.

Coleman Lindberg

Coleman Lindberg @ The Dinkytowner (sorry for the crappy cameraphone pic)Sunday night I went to the Seward Cafe for a little benefit concert. A friendster of mine and some folks he knows were playing. One of the folks performing that night was Coleman Lindberg.

Coleman Lindberg is my new favorite person.

He’s, by his own description, “folk/punk/popster.” I like folksy popster, and I’m a big fan of the acoustic strummy stuff. More so than the plugged in rocking. So this right up my alley.

I heard it mentioned that he’s got a myspace site, so I went home, looked it up, and downloaded some of the songs he’s got available there. I have not been able to stop listening to them since Sunday. Lucky for me he played last night, along with Ryan West and Running on Empty, at the Dinkytowner.

So if folk/punk/popster sounds like something you might be interested in, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Go directly here and here for streaming and downloads. My particular favorites are Crawling Home and Wounded Winter.

He’s got some upcoming show dates around town, too. I highly recommend you go see him so you can see the Flying Fingers of Fury. He doesn’t use a guitar pick when he plays, so he’s all fingers everywhere. And he’s a nice guy.

Where did all this snow come from?

Holy shit!

Okay, it’s not that much snow. It’s not the huge storm we thought we were gonna have a couple weeks ago where we ended up getting nothing at all. It’s not unusual for this time of year. I just wasn’t expecting it is all.

Guess it’s time to stop denying it and get my mittens and boots out.

Frozen and Disappointed

Looking through the ads in the massive Thanksgiving Day StarTribune, I saw exactly what I wanted to get my daughter for Christmas this year on sale at Best Buy. Of course it was only on sale until 11am, and quantities were limited. Thus began my first (and most likely last) Black Friday shopping experience,,,

Knowing that I would have to get there early to score one of the few (Thing I won’t mention so as to not give any hints) I decided to head to the store early (1:30am). I anticipated a couple hours of sitting in my car, reading and listening to the radio. Followed by a leisurely walk to the doors of the store shortly before open.

Arriving at the store (1:30am – 3 1/2 hours before they opened) I found the line to be 60-70 people long. Ugh. I’d better get in line, don’t want to miss out on the great deal. Sadly, as is often the case I was completely unprepared. Standing outside for 3 1/2 hours in 8 degree weather in lightweight shoes with lightweight socks, a t-shirt under my lightweight jacket, and a baseball cap on my head was not the way I expected this to go.

Needless to say, the ran out of (the item) before I had a chance to purchase it. I did get a mini-DV camcorder at a great price, mainly because I would have felt like a complete fool had I stood outside that long in the cold for nothing.

At least I’ll be able to film my daughter “not” receiving her present!

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

Two words: Food coma.

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