Morning Bus Ride

I’ve ridden the bus to my downtown job from many neighborhoods–Como Park, South Minneapolis, Lake Calhoun and now I live in North Minneapolis. I love how absolutely different the busrides are. The Uptown commute was quiet and every sat still in their seats. There’s usually always someone crazy at the front, talking to the bus driver and driving them crazy. But today was the best.
Today, I was running late, which means I rode with my favorite bus driver. He’s my favorite, because he’s a riot–genuinely chipper, cracks jokes and is always helpful. When I got on the bus there was a previous conversation going on and Church was in session. I realized that 6 or 7 people were taking turns talking and saying mmm praise God. The driver was talking about responding to those cussing you out and said, “there are ways to cuss people out and still be a good Christian.” He then innumerated with examples like, “you say to the guy, ‘hey I forgot my Bible, can I borrow yours?’ or ‘Get behind me Satan’ or ‘You should go to Church’.”
It was one of the funniest bus rides because it was 15 minutes of hillarious Church–that is if Church sermons were centered on cussing people out and whether its ok to protect yourself if someone is trying to attack you.

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