Well, At Least They Can Party…

Sure, the Vikings are a horrible disappointment this year. Everyone is injured and those not injured can’t seem to remember how to play. But thank god, that hasn’t stopped them from partying. I mean, that at least makes me feel better about giving my taxes for their amazing new stadium. Now, listen here Vikings, I’m a sports fan, so you getting a better stadium benefits me and I’m a liberal, so I’m supposed to be pro-tax. However, if all you can do is spend your money like extravagant asses who don’t earn their paychecks, then why don’t you take a pay cut to pay for the stadium? Or at least invite me to one of your parties… seriously, please, can I come next time?

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  1. Greg (unregistered) on October 12th, 2005 @ 2:43 pm

    Anybody up for a boat ride? Well today players denied, and Tice talked about establishing a code of conduct.

    I miss Randy Moss. Can you picture his machismo quote? “Yeah, we was all nekkid, and I had two girls at once, man.”

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