Tim O’Reagan and the Jayhawks

The Jayhawks somehow never make it onto that list of best Minneapolis exports. Prince, check. Husker Du, check. The Replacements, check. But with the Twin Cities still working through alt-country band after alt-country band, I think it might be safe to say that the Jayhawks have had one of the longest lasting effects on this music scene. Or perhaps they simply came from a genre quite separate from themselves. I don’t know.
Regardless, when the Jayhawks called it quits after Rainy Day Music, it was a sad day. I saw their drummer, Tim O’Reagan play at last month’s live radio show, “Mercy Presents”, at the Turf Club. O’Reagan was selling his new solo album (conveniently titled, Tim O’Reagan), but it turns out this was the only night it was for sale. He originally released it via the House of Mercy record label, Mercy Recordings (which also released other Jayhawks band mate Mark Olson’s solo record). However, major labels have been talking to O’Reagan and he stopped selling the album.
What a shame. O’Reagan’s album is perfectly crafted alt-country that feels as comfortable as putting on your old Eagles records. His website only vaguely mentions a release in early 2006. It couldn’t come sooner, because O’Reagan’s record is by far one of the best Twin Cities records of the past few years.

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