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Creepy stuff…

So I survived yet another Halloween without much ado. I went to see Creature Feature as planned and it was awesome. Two improved horror movies for $8 dollars is a great way to spend an evening. I came home to find my pumpkin still on the stoop and my roommates away. No one usually comes to my house for the evening. I have bought candy in past just to have it sit around the house making me fat. I was just sitting down to type a blog entry on this here page when the door bell rang. Since I was typing sanse shirt (settle down, ladies), I scrambled to put one on as the door bell rang again. I vetured downstairs and fliped on the entryway light. I opened the door to see no one around anywhere and my front gate wide open. Not gonna lie, I was creeped out. I quickly shut the door and went and hid in the dark kitchen looking for someone to run away. That moment never came. I think it was just kids, but somwhere deep down inside I wanted it to be a Halloween ghost. Maybe a child that had gone missing some evening years ago, out and about to bring a little fright into the night. I guess I’ll never now the truth…unless the mysterious ringer comes a calling again…

Tinfoil = free burrito

You still have a little bit of time left, if you’re near a Chipotle that’s still open. Throw on some tinfoil and head on in to get a free burrito. Or rather it’s a BOOrito, for the rest of the evening. Happy Hallowe’en!

Quiet Hallowe’en

Sadly, I won’t be out and about tonight taking part in the macabre merrymaking and fiendish festivities, since I’m stuck with the work pager this week, and have a five-minute tether to the internet. So no partying for me, but that’s all right. I did go out both Friday and Saturday nights, and it is a school night, so to speak. I don’t have any candy, but my neighbourhood really doesn’t get much in the way of trick or treaters. I remember last year, someone knocked on my door, and it took me a bit to remember why there was somebody there.

But if you’re looking for a place to go out and have a killer costume, the Saloon has a 1,000 dollar prize for the best one. Normally, their Monday nights are industrial music night, known as Hard Monday, but that’s being pushed aside this week for a featured DJ, and the costume contest. No shower dancers, as far as I know. How ghastly. You’ll have to do better than one of the costumes here at work, though. My boss was dressed as a South Park character (not one of the main ones, think two-dimensional….no, really two-dimensional) and it was really well done. I think he could get a job doing costume design. And here he is wasting his energies as a network engineer.

House of Mercy Presents

Once a month, the best show in town takes over the Turf Club. The internet radio station, Misplaced Music, and the country gospel church House of Mercy team up and put on their monthly live radio show. It has consistently been my favorite show every month. Mostly, I think, it’s because people are there for the music. No one cares if they’ve heard the bands before, but if the music causes feet to tap, then it’s greeted with roaring applause.
Last night was the Halloween/All Saints Day edition of HOM Presents. Lonesome Dan Kase, who might just be the most underrated Twin Cities musician, tore through gritty delta blues and The Valley of the Shadow of the Handbarrow involved a woman playing an electric shovel. Seriously. It’s one of the most eclectic shows you’ll see or hear. You can listen to the show live or the rebroadcast at 10AM Tuesday morning at Misplaced Music.

Mama mia!

I’m sure many of you know about Totino’s Italian Kitchen at Central Ave and Hennepin in Mpls, but I’m quickly finding myself driving from downtown St. Paul to NE Mpls once a week just to pick up dinner.

The handrolled ravioli are huge and quite tasty; lasagna’s ricotta cheese is to die for; cheese bread is superb and garlic/cheese breadsticks are an A+. In addition to the food, everyone is super friendly and the atmosphere is the definition of quaint. Read the framed 1952 article inside the front door while you wait for a table for some history about the place – what an era!

Happy Halloween!

The last several years I have purchased pumpkins at least a week before Halloween. This year I made the mistake of waiting until 9:30am today, Halloween morning.

If you want to be scared on Halloween go and see the pumpkins that are still available. There were rotten ones, ones with holes, ugly ones, and quite a few that wouldn’t even stand up. It kind of reminded me of the Island of Misfit Toys. Many pumpkins that will never find a home. I picked two pumpins up, hopefully they’ll last until tonight!

Adopt a pumpkin today!


I am already a bit Halloweened out, after going to a friend’s Halloween party in Madison this past weekend. I think somewhere there are photos of my buccaneer costume. On Friday here at work the folks in the mail room put together an elaborate haunted house and there were kids trick-or-treating amongst the cubes.

Tonight I’ll don my pirate gear again (yarr!) to answer the door for the kiddies at my boyfriend’s place. There aren’t any trick-or-treaters at my secured condo complex. Boo! The kids always seem really surprised when you answer the door in costume. I’m also considering going across the street to the house which always has an elaborate yard setup to say hello. Last year, the woman who lives there sat outside stirring a cauldron of dry ice and cackling most the night. That’s someone I think I should meet.

This year in order to avoid the temptation of gnoshing on the treats between visits from little spookies, I bought candy I myself will not eat. All of it is some form of peanut butter treat. I hate peanut butter with chocolate (because it’s gross), and so I have peanut butter M&Ms, Reese’s Pieces, and three kinds of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (regular, inside out and white chocolate) to hand out.

What’s everyone else giving out to the little boos and ghouls tonight?

Boo time!!


I know that I wanted to dress up for work today, but our workplace doesn’t allow it. How cracked out is that? I can understand about putting rules behind WHAT you can wear. I mean, I’m not going to show up at work with a cosume in which my nowels have been spilt. That would be inapropriate. I could have come as Thing 1 from the Cat and the Hat. Could have been fun, but NOOOOO…I have to wear regular clothes. Just to get back at them, I think I’m gonna be crabby all day today.

I’m excited to light my pumpkin tonight. It has been gnawed upon by all sorts of creaturesin the neighborhood, so it looks even more funny now than when I carved it last weekend.

By they way, what’s everyone dressing up as tonight?

All spooked up and no where to go…

I have decided to ditch the usual activities tomorrow night in favor of something fun and new. Huge Theater is performing Creature Feature tomorrow night at 8:00 PM at the Brave New Workshop. It will be a full lenth, completely improvised horror movie. They will get a few suggestions from the audience and then let the wacky horror action unfold. I’ve been told it is really fun. It only costs $8 which is pretty good for a full live performance. So I hope to see a few peeps down there screamin’ and laughin’ with me tomorrow!!

“Dr. Laura is a skaaaaaank!”

My girlfriend and I went to see Shut Your American Piehole; or Discount Family Values at Brave New Workshop last night. Hilarious!

I saw the last BNW show, Martha Stewart’s Prison Jamboree, and there were five or six people that performed that one (including Lauren Anderson from Five Man Job, love her!). I was a little unsure about a whole show with just Caleb and Katy. But I shouldn’t have been. They were great.

I love Katy McEwen. She’s a little bit Molly Shannon and a little bit Cheri Oteri. Actually, possibly the best moment in the show was when she put the smack down on a, shall we say, “overenthusiastic” audience participator.

My favorite sketch started out with Katy pretending to be Dr. Laura and I’m ashamed to admit that I recognized her intro to the show to be dead on. Caleb followed with detailed description of why Dr. Laura is a hypocrite complete with Dr. Laura’s internet porn pictures. The scene wrapped up with some white boy rap and Katy throwing down a beat.

The interesting thing about the 7:00 Saturday show (or at least this particular 7:00 Saturday show) is that the average audience age appears to be about 65. Seriously, I think the only other person within a decade of our age (late 20s) was an uncomfortable looking guy whom we guessed was a student entertaining his visiting parents.

So imagine all these, shall we say, mature folks singing “Dr. Laura is a skaaaaank” along with Katy McEwen.

If you haven’t seen it, next weekend is the last weekend in the run before the holiday show, Manger Crashers; or Three Wise Guys With A Pack of Camels starts. They strongly encourage you to purchase your tickets in advance as these last shows are close to selling out. Also, you can get 2-for-1 tickets with your MPR membership, although I don’t think you can get that discount when you order online, so give ’em a call.

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