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Scallywags story on those super tall bikes we talk about seeing all over town. Oh, and the surprising posse that rides them.

sound unseen

I saw If I Should Fall from Grace: The Shane Macgowan Story and an earlier Sound Unseen Festival and absolutely loved it. I never would have had the opportunity if it weren’t for this great festival. Wow, look at all those movies about music. 6th year for Sound Unseen. . . what an institution.

Ambushed at Subway

It happened again today at the Gavidae Common’s Subway and has happened often enough in the past that I’m convinced it’s a conspiracy. The guy in front of me in Subway waited through the whole line until the “sandwich artist” behind the sneeze guard asked him for his bread selection. He waited until the last possible moment to pull out. . . The List.

Get Out Your Blankets! – Local News has an article on how home heating bills will probably increase about 73 percent next month when compared to last year. For those of us with natural gas heat, this could be a scary thing. As I’ve gone from about 1000 sq feet last winter to about 2000 sq feet this winter, I’m facing the big unknown, especially during the deep freeze we go through from the 2nd week of Jan to the 2nd week of Feb.. My biggest bill last winter was something like $200, which would make the bill *there* $346 and who knows how much in the new place. However, if you have Minnegasco, you may have a few options to take the edge off.

Lindau im Bodensee

Last night, Steve and I spent the night on an island in the Bodensee or Lake Constance. I think they’re the same thing. The village of Lindau has a portion that’s on an island connected by a short bridge to the mainland. It’s really not that far out, but it’s quaint, as you would expect a European village to be. It’s on the German border of Austria, and we had a great time wandering around. It’s hard to find something in the TC to compare it to, but I suppose if you took Nicollet Island and crammed it full of buildings that were a hundred and fifty years old, it would come close. There’s even a school on the island, because this morning plenty of school kids were headed there, and they were definitely not headed to shore. It was kind of a cross between Nicollet Island and Duluth. The hotel we stayed at was so nice, with wonderfully soft pillows and comforters, and if that’s a continental breakfast, I don’t know what we’ve been getting in the U.S. It certainly isn’t the spread that was laid out for the guests.

We left around 9:30, and continued to have problems with the roads, finally getting on the Autobahn by 10:30, which was wonderfully easy after that.

The Lake Harriet Elf

Home of the Lake Harriet Elf

Originally uploaded by swirlspice.

I first heard the story of the Lake Harriet Elf on FM 107 a month or so back. I’ve been around Lake Harriet a bajillion times, and I’d never noticed the elf’s tree. Since then, I’ve biked past it a few times, but not bothered to stop. This particular time I happened to be on foot, so I grabbed a few pictures with the camera phone.

There’s a stairway down to the paths at Oliver Ave S. Head back west from there and look for the tree with flowers planted around it. It’s a short way down, between the walking and biking paths.

There’s a sign on the door saying that he’s moved west to his winter castle, but you can reach him at his P.O. box if you like. Still, plenty of people left gifts and notes for him. Supposedly the elf responds to all the notes that he receives. It’s very cute and a very clever idea and apparently the elf has lived there for years and years.

The best part of it all was listening to parents introduce their young kids to the tree. Some were all, “Hey look at this!” as they passed by it. Others had a whole story about it, conveniently climaxing as they arrived at the tree. Some people (with kids and without) clearly had no idea what it was and wondered what the heck all these other people were doing squatting around this tree.

All Your Blog Are Belong To Us

Greetings to the Metroblog world, I am one of your new bloggers, WH Burdine. Here I will attempt to build beyond my regular repertoire of blogging, which mainly involves reading the news, having a good cry and then calling politicians douche bag. (Which reminds me, can I say douche bag on this blog?)
Now that I’ve said it twice I’ll get on to business. City Pages announced their Picked to Click 2005 and most of us said to ourselves, “who?” These are the top local acts according to DJ’s, critics, etc… I’d only heard of 3 or 4 of them. Regardless, the City Pages is hosting a concert at First Ave. on Saturday with most of the bands.
That said, I’d be irresponsible if I didn’t tell you to also check out a benefit show for VIPI at the Uptown Bar with Shoot Lucy, Michael Handler, Hanz Solo and my own rock ‘n’ roll outfit, Wes Burdine & the Librarians.

Flash Mobs

Are apparently still in. Anybody see or partake in this one at the Renaissance Festival?

Something to do on a Friday night in Mpls

Hey, everyone. First time poster, Kristi, here. Glad to join you. I actually live in St. Paul, but work in Minneapolis, so I hope to post things about both of those fine cities.

So tonight on the Current, 89.3, I heard a song by The New Standards, their cover of the Replacements’ “I Will Dare,” and it was fantastic! All xylophony and loungy and jazzy. Turns out, they are playing in town this Friday night, September 30th, at The Dakota in downtown Minneapolis! Y’all come!

Charlie Bethel’s Gilgamesh…Go See It.

Just go see it. Trust me. It’s going on Mondays and Thursdays October 3-27 at 7:00 pm (6:00 doors) at the Bryant Lake Bowl Cabaret Theater. This is a great room to see a show like this in. Small, intimate and attached to a great bar. That aside, you will love this show. The man is amazing. This is a Fringe Festival extension and has received nothing but rave reviews.

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