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bridge over troubled asphalt

I actually rode on the new bike bridge last night, and it’s pretty nice. I know, it’s kind of weird to say that riding across the street was a cool experience, but that was a pretty bad spot for bikes.

I came north on Aldrich from south of Lake Street (watch out for construction on Aldrich between 29th and 28th, including the bridge over the Greenway), and you hit the bridge, a block north of Franklin. It takes you swooping across Lyndale, you loop back down and end up on the north side of the 94 eastbound entrance on Lyndale. They still need to do some work at this point, because the pavemen’t doesn’t actually connect the end of the bridge to the bike path, and also some signage directing bikers would be helpful. Not to mention that while bikers no longer have to cross the entrance to the freeway, they’re now coming down a hill and cross a sidewalk that’s blind to the north. In other words, watch out for pedestrians when coming down the bridge!

We Jam Econo

Via Craigslist

We Jam Econo – The Story of The Minutemen


Fri. September 2 – Thurs. September 8
At 7:15/9:15pm Sat. & Sun. at 1:15/3:15/5:15pm also
(no early show Weds)

I couldn’t understand what they were saying…

I saw a group of kids outside the IDS Center today making some sort of tower of people. There were about ten people in a circle on their hands and knees, facing inwards, as the base. There was a slightly smaller number of people on the next level, and the third level was as high as they got. Well….as far as the tower goes anyway. I’m not sure what they were trying to accomplish, but it did kind of look like popular images of the Tower of Babel. I really need to get a digital camera.

bike bridge open

The new bike bridge over Lyndale at 94 is open now. It looked like they were waiting for some railings to be fashioned and installed, but now the barriers are gone, and people are using it. Mostly. The idea is that if you’re coming from Loring Park and you want to go to Uptown or points around there, you turn left before crossing the onramp to 94 East. The bridge takes you up and along side of 94 and puts you out on Aldrich Avenue, just behind the parking lot for the Vision Loss Resource Center. This way you don’t have to cross the uncontrolled on-ramp for 94 eastbound at Lyndale, and play chicken with cars wanting to turn right onto the freeway.

It appears that some cyclists are using it, and some continue to cross on the east side of Lyndale, but hopefully as more people see others using it, they’ll start using it, too.


Or, as I learned it growing up, Rock Scissors Paper.

I only just heard of the World Championships. If you want to get in on that hot finger action, there are weekly tournaments here at Nomad.

From the Onion Events Newsletter:

Rock? Paper? Scissors? Which will it be? That’s the question on everybody’s mind Sunday evenings at The Nomad. Roshambo is a fancy word for Rock Paper Scissors, the age-old game of luck… or is it skill? This exciting, fast-paced tournament keeps you on the edge of your seat right up until the final shot has been fired. Complete with a referee and the glory of the Nomad stage, this is a fun event not to be missed. The weekly grand prize is all the money in the cookie jar, the winner’s shawl that gives you the power of free drinks for the rest of the night, and (of course) fun Onion-related crap.

I don’t think I’d ever participate, but I’m kinda curious to see what the crowd looks like at these things.

UPDATE: Someone from City Pages did indeed check it out.

New bike!

I’ve been out and about running all spring and summer, but I’ve lamented that I can only go so far on foot on this great trail system we have. So I bought a bike on Friday.

I had checked The Hub (the Minnehaha location) and also Sunrise Cyclery last weekend and they didn’t have anything that was both the right size and that I could afford. I ended up grabbing one off Craigslist, and then took it over to The Hub to have it checked out (and it was mostly fine).

I took it out for its inaugural ride yesterday. We started at Minnehaha Park, followed the parkway over towards Lake Harriet, up past Lake Calhoun, into Uptown, out the Greenway to Hiawatha, north towards Franklin, west to West River Road, and then back down to where we started. Or something like that. I was mostly just following my friend. We did about 20 miles or so, all told.

It was fantastic! A great day for a ride. Warm enough that you didn’t have to wear a lot, but breezy enough to keep you dry. It was great exercise (biking works all the muscle groups complementary to those that running works). The only thing that’s protesting is my bum. You know the bottom end of your hip bones that sit right on the seat? Those. Owie.

But I’m super excited about my new toy and intend to use it as much as I can before the weather gets too yucky. I have all these grand ideas about running errands and saving myself some gas. I also have all these grand ideas about gear and accessories which seem to be negating my projected gasoline cost savings.

So now I need to know where the best places to bike are. Where do you like to ride?

Two things…

First thing: I got this pedometer, and have been trying to map out some nice walking routes so I can rack up the number of steps I do each day. What are your favorite walking trails? (I’m not a runner, and while I don’t mind sharing the trails with runners, bicyclists, rollerbladers, dogwalkers… most of them seem annoyed with walkers on the trails.)

Second thing: I think the Lowry Tunnel hates me. I have to pass through it twice a day and it seems that it always degrades my radio reception during a good song on the radio, or a key point to a story on MPR. If I’m making a cell phone call (I know, I know, hang up and drive) it drops it. Only when I hate the song/talk on the radio does it mysteriously manage to hold on to the signal.

Holy crap do we have bad radio…

I’m not gonna lie, I like KDWB. It is a HUGE guilty pleasure, but I like it nonetheless. However, I heard something today that made me laugh so hard I almost swerved off the road. They were playing a brand new song from this great, up and coming band. “These guys are gonna be huge!” the DJ kept saying. The song and band? Feel Good, Inc. by the Gorrilaz. Don’t bother with the fact that the album came out way earlier this year and has been played on just about EVERY OTHER radio station in the cities. Think about the huge national iPod commercial it played with earlier this year. I guess those dorkwads at Clear Channel don’t pay any attention to waht happens outside of their little bubble of cool.

God bless Minute Clinic.

Today I learned that Minute Clinic is a wonderful thing.

As yesterday afternoon I was hit with one of the common ailments treated at Minute Clinic, I determined that instead of a visit to urgent care, I’d go to Cub Foods. At 9:05, right after opening, I was the first patient. Diagnosis and treatment took about 15 minutes; getting my prescription filled took longer.

Added bonus: treatment is cheap – even cheaper with insurance, as they charge the office visit co-pay, not the urgent care/emergency copay.

Plus, you get to watch your tests be performed! Hooray!

P.S. I’m much better, thank you.

Herb Garden

Haha. For Sale: Indoor “herb” garden complete system. Yeah. . . you could secretly grow a lot of “rosemary” in that thing.

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