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G.O. Joe

joe.jpgYes. International G.I. Joe convention.

Obre los Ojos – A Minneapolis PSA

Once upon a time, I had a blind date. He was cute, we laughed, flirted, experience few awkward lulls in the conversation, we even made it to the awkward but fun and sincere hug at the end of the night. I half-strolled, half-pranced home with that goofy mysterious smile you sometimes see on people walking alone. So great was this blind date that we elected to meet up a second time, for a little lunch and a walk around a lake. And this is when I realized I’d been duped. I mean, by the light of day, it was painfully obvious that this cat should have been off running a Tilt-A-Whirl somewhere. He was just that creepy. Creepy looking, creepy acting, creepy carnie-esque guy. And then I realized I’d been duped. Duped not by mind altering drugs or desperation or excitement of actually having a date, but by the date location. Atmosphere makes all the difference. Ever wonder why lighting in office buildings and office bathrooms makes you look dead? Lowers your self-confidence. Discourages inter-office dating. It’s true. At any rate, this experience prompted me to start the compilation of a list of locations to be avoided on first, but most particularly blind, dates in Minneapolis. You may benefit from the wisdom of my experience and avoid the disappointment and discomfort of a date two that was never meant to be. Unless of course your aim is only to reach the morning after date one. Then the rules change.


Places in Minneapolis Where Everyone Looks Pretty:
Uncommon Grounds; Bryant Lake Bowl (the bar part of course); Plan B; The King and I; Cafe Barbette; Giorgio; The Times Bar and Grille; Jitters; Pracna (inside OR out); the Jax Cafe; Zelo; etc. The list goes on. Use it in your defense. Alternatively, use these places to your advantage. It’s all about perspective, after all.

Sick of it…

This has been something I have been mulling over for a few days now and I needed to express my hate. Terry Shiavo went under the autopsy knife last week. Her family is still yelling and screaming and pointing fingers. If you haven’t kept up with the news, please read about it here. My outrage is that they are still bitching about it. It makes me really mad that they put her and her husband through this for 15 years. And now that she is dead, they are not letting the issue rest. They whole family is signing “keep me alive” clauses. This just makes me want to go out and put one of them in the same boat Terry was in. It makes no sense to me why you would want to keep someone alive who can’t eat, see, move, or even relieve themselves on their own. I would want to be taken out way before that stage hit. To me, that is no longer living. Masses of money were being pumped into her care. Maybe it’s selfish of me, but that money could have been used to save someone who had a chance. Feed a hungry kid on the streets or something. Now the family is setting up a foundation that will fight for cases like this all over the country. So now people can send money into a foundation that will keep people who are basically lifeless alive in beds across the country. I’m am just so frustrated with the whole thing.

I have talked about this with a few friends and most of them agree with me, but those who don’t, REALLY don’t. I wanted to open the floor for discussion. I want to know what you guys think about it. I know it can be a touchy subject, but I want to know that I’m not the only one that feels this way. Or, I want to know if I should keep my yap shut and go about business in peace. Tell me what you think…

In the event of a weather emergency, do not go near the windows.

My coworkers were clustered next to my cube near the windows yesterday afternoon as the wall of black clouds rolled over us. Day turned to night as the storm swept over the city. Like a knob, I’d left my sunroof slightly cracked out of habit. The days have been so hot it was all I could do to keep the inside of my car from baking me in my own juices.

Lucky me, when the skies opened up and the sheets of rain fell sideways yesterday afternoon, I was left with a puddle in my passenger seat. I managed to sop up the worst of it with a company shirt I’d tossed in the back seat. Anyone else get caught out in the rain?

¡Cuba Libre!

I made my first visit to Victor’s 1959 Cafe for breakfast yesterday. OMG, this is my new favorite place. I loves the Cuban food, and I loves the breakfast.

It’s on the corner of 38th & Grand, right across 38th from Bakery on Grand. It’s a teeny little place, and you just show up and get in line. I waited 20 minutes for a seat at about 10:00 on a Sunday morning, which I thought wasn’t too bad.

It’s decorated with all sorts of Cuban paraphernilia. They have t-shirts, magnets, artwork and other things available for purchase. It’s all very colorful, as you would expect something Caribbean/Central American to be.

They’re opening up an outdoor patio in a few weeks, which I think will accommodate all of three tables. Which is half the number of spots in the parking lot, and a third the number of tables inside.

I had the Bistec Criollo, which is “Sauteed sliced steak w/peppers, garlic & onions in an orange & lime juice mojo, topped w/2 eggs over-easy. Served w/ yuca fries & toast w/guava jam.” Except I had my eggs scrambled. It was delicious. That orange & lime juice mojo is something else. That plus coffee, tax, and tip was about about $10. They have lunch and dinner, too, and they’re open every day but Monday. You can also order carry out (or take-away, or whatever you want to call it).

Mmm… Cuban breakfast…. :9

More Northeast fun, and another chance to help out

I think Wilde Roast Caf

Northeast…the new Uptown?

Last night, I went to Margarita Bella, home of City Pages 2003 Best Margarita, and also, apparently, home to a pretty cool drag show on Thursday nights. Think you’ve seen all the drag queens in town? Check out the ones at MB for a latin twist. The show started late, post-midnight, but the numbers my friends and I saw were pretty good, all different styles of music, mostly in Spanish. CeCe Russell also performed…haven’t seen her in ages. We witnessed her arrive while we sat out back in their “patio”. The smoking area is a tented area of the back parking lot with garden furniture arranged. CeCe arrived with Minneapolis’s finest hot on her heels, literally. She said they claimed she was speeding. But it all got taken care of and she performed to raucous applause later.

The drinks were good and not too expensive. Getting patted down as I arrived was a new experience, and the bouncer was strangely intriguing in his sculptured facial hair and expansive collection of gold chains and medallions. Interesting thought: who was wearing more of a costume, the drag queens or the bling-bedecked bouncer? There was a seven dollar cover charge, a bit outrageous, but somehow I avoided paying it. I didn’t even do anything, just walked in after getting patted down, even nodded hello to the cashier, who didn’t stop me. I don’t think I arrived before a certain time, although perhaps I got there before 11:30, and my friends, who did have to pay arrived shortly afterwards. I only beat them there by a few minutes, but they got socked by the cover. Another friend arrived about ten minutes later, and he also tried to walk past the cashier, although I think that was on accident rather than intent, and the cashier grabbed his arm to let him know he had to pay.

Sticking with the theme, when we finally let the bar, we headed to South Minneapolis and had late night burritos at Little Tijuana. I need to get more sleep on school nights.

Hard to “Let it Be”…

I was shocked that I hadn’t heard fo this earlier, but Let it Be Records in downtown Minneapolis is closing its doors. This is one of the first music shops I went to on a regular basis. It is a great shop for finding things outside your standard pop music fare. It’s a lot like an Electric Fetus, but with a lot more vinyl. Supposedly their last day was today, but it didn’t seem like they were closing. I would bet they will be open for the rest of the month. Anyway, the whole store is 25% off right now. All dance vinyl is 50% off.

I have heard many cool stories about Let it Be over the years. The most recient was one about a huge collection of records that they accuired. There is a basement that is full of them that only “special” people can go see. Supposedly, the Beastie Boys spent three days down there with portable turntables. That’s pretty frickin’ sweet if you ask me.

So all the small indie record places are closing. I lost Northern Lights on Hennepin many years ago. Does anyone remember that place? I really hope that a few of these cool record shops can remain hanging on. It will be a sad day in musictown if they can’t…

It “Begins” tonight

There is a slew of theaters around the city playing Batman Begins this evening at midnight. I would like to put a call out to geeks and non-geeks all across the city to come out and see it. It makes sense to see a movie about the dark streets of Gotham during the time when the streets of Minneapolis are dark. Or maybe that’s some weird hoodoo I made up in my head.

Anyway, I’ll be attending the movie at the Regal Brooklyn Park 20 at the intersection of 94 and 694. Come on down and have some fun watching a pumpd up Christian Bale kick some bootay!!

Baseblog Night

As Ron mentioned, tonight was Baseblog Night with the St. Paul Saints. Unfortunately, it was rained out. The second I heard an official-looking poncho-ed person announce the rainout, the tornado sirens went off. The game will be made up tomorrow night at 6:00, as the first part of a doubleheader. (Rainout tickets are exchangeable for other games as well.)

I didn’t expect to be able to attend, so I didn’t make arrangements to tailgate or otherwise meet up with any other blogger types. Anybody out there get to enjoy some festivities before the hail started?

Also, looks like the Twins are copying following suit with a blogger night of their own. Tuesday, June 21, proceeds go to charity, and free stuff included.

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