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All geeked out…

Man am I tired today. I spent the wee hours of the morning last night watching the final installment of Star Wars. I swear, half the population of the Twin Cities was out last night. And I that was just at the theater I went to. I have never seen so many light sabers swing to a fro as I did last night. It was a sight to behold. It brought a little geek tear to my eye. Not many people were dressed up where I went. I felt bad afterwards. I have never been into dressing up and now I won’t get a chance to. I missed out on my last opportunity to look like a dork at a movie theater (No one who knows me say anything!). I know Lucas is going to release them all in 3-D in few years, but that doesn’t count. Just one more regret in my life, I guess.

From what I had heard, most theaters in the Twin Cities had sold out there midnight showings. There were five at the theater I went to in Eagan. I also know that Block E in Downtown was sold out. This movie was an event. It was good to see all the geeks out and about for it…


ART-A-Whirl.gifThe 10th annual Northeast Minneapolis Art-A-Whirl begins tonight w/ a silent auction.

Art-A-Whirl could be described as an artcrawl on steroids. Get a map, some good shoes and some good friends, then, proceed to various nordeast artists studios (be they somebodys backyard, porch or bonified gallery) and meet the artists.

I like to start early on saturday and take a nice long break at Grumpys and then head back out. They usually have bands at the local bars and the artists are all in their environments and creating art.

Breaking Business Rumor

Local celebrity to open sandwich joint?

Our Milkshake Brings All the Girls-n-Boys to the Bar

Team Milkshake is hosting a fundraiser for the Minnesota Red Ribbon Ride. It’s this Wednesday night (May 25), 7:00, at the Independent in Calhoun Square. There will be items for sale and a silent auction. So, ya know, when you’re done with happy hour, scootch your buns on over to the other end of the bar and see what’s going on.

The Red Ribbon Ride is a four-day 300-mile bike ride to benefit Minnesota-based AIDS service organizations. Team Milkshake is supported by Twilight.

cheap drinks, ’80s music and a fundraiser

If you like ’80s music, two dollar well drinks and domestics are your bag, and you don’t mind a bit of debauchery, then come to the Saloon tonight at the corner of 9th and Hennepin in downtown Minneapolis. I think I’ve talked about their Sunday nights before and how they’re trying to get a nice crowd going to compete with the ’90s down the street, and I think it’s working out for them. It’s not overly crowded, the music is good, and the cheap drinks are awesome. Plus if you know someone who has a coupon, or sometimes even if you just flirt with the bartender, your drinks are free from 10:30 to 11:00 and then again from 12:00 to 12:30.

And now for the debauchery/fundraiser. The Saloon has go go boys dancing in the shower on Fridays and Saturdays, and Sunday nights is their amateur shower competition. Tonight, after much urging from friends, I’ve decided to sign up, and any tips I get I’ll put towards the Red Ribbon Ride, plus the 200 dollar prize at the end of the evening, if I win that. That’s won by applause, so if you decided to join us in the festivities and can stay to the end, that’d be great. I do know that it’s a school night, so I understand if people leave early. I’m going to try for an 11pm spot in the shower to get that in early.

Hope you all make it, and sorry for the self-promotion.


We have a guest writer in town for awhile and I want everyone to treat him nice. I don’t mean Minnestoa nice, I mean for real nice. His name is Mike Hoffman and from what I understand, he is working for Best Buy right now. Say hi everyone!!

Randy Moss, Edina High & Sid Hartman

Minneapolis sports fans should pick up this weeks issue of Sports Illustrated simply for the comedy factor. Randy Moss is on the cover whining about how he can’t have friends and the kiss-ass article inside was borderline nauseating. I think that his agent wrote it.
Edina High School gets props as well for having one of the best 25 High School Sports programs in the country. To top it off, Steve Rushin wries his column on Sid Hartman of the Star Tribune.

The Secret of Best Buy’s Corporate Headquarters


This past week I’ve been in Best Buy headquarters.
Within its walls with over 4000 employees, it holds a secret that only those that can get past security can verify.

The Best Buy corporate cafeteria has the best food ever. Seriously.

For under $5 you can choose from among maybe 10 styles of food and it’s all extremely drool-worthy delicious.

I had the beef au jus with hearty red mashed potatoes with a side of snow peas and baby carrots. The next day I had an spicy asian seafood Tom Rim with vegtables over jasmine rice. Pictures? I was too hungry for that business.

On top of the cafeteria tables lie small buckets of tinker toys as a reflection of the corporate culture. The dish drop-off is efficient and there are plenty of recycling recepticles.

Forget the Mall of America, people. BBY is where it’s at.

[This entry is the first of a series following the Best Buy Fun Zone Tour around the country. See the master post here.]

The Lion Sings Tonight

The cast and crew of The Lion King are taking time out from their current run at The Orpheum to do a benefit cabaret for the MN Aids Project. It’s Monday, May 23, at the Park Square Theater in downtown St. Paul. Tickets are $25. I’m not dying to see The Lion King, but I like a good cabaret, and you know the performers at this one are actually going to be good.

Also, don’t forget the Minnesota AIDS Walk is this Sunday, May 15. You can still register to participate, volunteer, and/or donate.

Citypages Twins Stadium Article

This week’s Citypages article on the Twins Stadium deal is outstanding! It’s amazing that they managed to negotiate this for over a year without the smallest leak to the media or legislature. I don’t know whether to be afraid or in awe of the fact that this thing is one small vote from happening without the say of the people.
Fortunately, I have the Vikings Onterrio Smith to keep me laughing!

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