2nd Lynx Game of the Season

Lynx logoA friend graciously provided me with tickets to Wednesday night’s Lynx home opener against Los Angeles, so I’m officially in the WNBA mood. Today I took myself to see us play the Sacramento Monarchs.

And we almost won it. I had high hopes after we beat L.A. We were up, then we were down, then we came back. Nicole Ohlde‘s last-second layup didn’t quite beat the buzzer, so we lost. I don’t mind losing to Sacramento, though. I generally like them. Like the Kings, the Monarchs are a team that I have no connection to whatsoever that I can root for if none of my favorite teams are playing.

Stacey Lovelace had a pretty good game. Kristen Mann provided a much-needed spark in her short time on the floor. Katie Smith again racked up 20-some-odd points without it even registering. Too bad we blew so many easy layups.

It was a good game to watch, with all that back-and-forth-ness. I’d prefer we win, and with a little certainty. But it was still exciting.

Official attendance was 4,190, but I’m sure the actual attendance was lower. Wednesday’s low attendance I chalked up to it being a weeknight. Today’s attendance I’ll attribute to it being a holiday weekend. (I’ve heard every argument about why people don’t go to Lynx games. Save it. I know why I go. Okay, and I really like women’s basketball, too.)

Blatant Pimpage: If you have the remotest interest in women’s basketball, you should check out local bloggers Ted & Sara’s Women’s Hoops Blog.

Note to self: Never ever gamble on whether or not Garages A, B, or C will be charging the $7 “event parking” fee. Take the extra time on a Sunday afternoon and drive around downtown. A ramp farther away will be cheaper if you can’t find street parking. Maybe I’m just being cheap. (Okay, I am being cheap. I’m broke.) But that was not $7 worth of convenience right there.

Also, upon further inspection, I’m positive it was Tamika Williams that I saw at Uptown Rainbow. The hair threw me off a little.

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