Don’t get a traffic ticket

Not too far from my place is a spot where literally hundreds of traffic tickets are getting written, one of which was received by a friend of mine.

Normally, when you cross 35W at Franklin Avenue, you can turn left just after the bridge to get onto 35W north or 94 east, but right now that bridge is under construction. There are some no left turn signs right at the intersection, but with all that’s going on, it’s easy to miss the signs. If you do miss the signs, though, there’s a good chance you could get a ticket costing you about $130.00. That’s what a friend of mine got, and I was able to save another friend from getting one the next time. Instead, you’re supposed to go around the block to the right to get on the freeway. Sure enough, after we went around the block, there were two cops issuing tickets.

If you’re at that intersection, Franklin Ave crossing over 35W eastbound, and want to get onto 35W north, remember to go around the block. Don’t turn left!

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