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There’s a major battle taking place in the TC on Sunday nights and the lines are being drawn in the slush. It’s all about where to go on a Sunday night, the Saloon or the ’90s. Both are 18+ nights, and up to now, the out and out winner has been the ’90s. It’s where everyone goes on a Sunday night, the place is packed and the drag show is in full force. Myself, I can’t stand it there on Sunday nights. There are too many kids and the performers only do songs that the young’uns like. As in, it’s all Top 40 K-DWeeB songs. Very crowded, very noisy, very smoky (at least until the end of March). The Saloon, on the other hand, has been a ghost town on Sundays. All that is about to change.

Thursday nights at the Saloon is the traditional 18+ night (actually, if I might digress briefly, years ago the Saloon started their 18+ nights on Sundays, way before the ’90s ever got in on it, then the Saloon started doing it on Thursdays, too. Thursdays turned out to be more popular, Sundays became 21 only. Now both nights are 18+, and a battle for the bodies has commenced) and the bartenders and bouncers have started giving away coupons for Sunday night that entitle the bearer to free drinks for themselves and a friend for one hour between 11:30 and 12:30. So, the Saloon has upped the ante a bit offering free rail drinks for an hour Sunday nights. I didn’t have a coupon and wasn’t with anyone who had one, but they didn’t charge me anyway. They also have their amateur shower dancer competition on Sundays, with the winner taking home 200 bucks, plus whatever they get in tips in the shower. And to top it off, the disco was playing ’80s pop and new wave.

I had a great time out there last night, as opposed to when I’ve been to the ’90s, and only tolerated it. Check it out and see what you think.

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