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This bowl is NOT for cereal…

I spent a few hours this afternoon in St. Louis Park playing with kids. These kids are amazing. They were all 12 and under…and could skateboard like nobody’s business.

There was a kids skateboarding competition going on at 3rd Lair. This is an indoor skateboard park. It was actually really cool to see. I had heard of them from going to our State Fair. They have a bowl, a terrain park, and a small lip room. I watched the bowl competition. Today was the King of Groms competition. Some of the contestants were only seven years old. Their skateboards were as tall as they were!! Here are a couple of really blurry photos. I had to take them with my camera phone.
These kids blew me away. It was great to see them jumping, sliding, and just generally having a good time. At the very end we even saw a ten year old dislocate his elbow. We all thought it was ok but then he let his arm go. It just wagged back and forth from his elbow. Uck…there was a big “OH!!” emitted from the crowd. He didn’t even cry. He must have been waiting for the car to let the tears roll…

I suppose it was a matter of time

For the past two days, 89.3 The Current has been running their first pledge drive. So far it hasn’t been too obtrusive for me, but it would be kind of cool if they had a second stream for people, like me, who’ve already contributed. Something along the line of “enter your MPR ID and you don’t have to listen to the requests for cash”. They’re still playing lots of cool music, although this morning it does seem a lot more folksy than usual. If you do call in and pledge, and apparently, even if you don’t, you get entered into a drawing for an iPod Mini. They have other extras which are pretty nice if you pledge at a ten dollar, fifteen dollar or twenty dollar a month level. I’m excited that we finally have a decent radio station in the TC, so I decided to pledge a couple of weeks ago. Give the people what they want, and they’ll actually spend money for it, I guess.

Fun with Oscar…

If you don’t have any plans this year for the Oscar’s, I suggest heading on down to our very own Oscar Night America theater. Every year the State hosts a huge gala event that benefits the Minnesota AIDS project and other charities. You can watch the show on a big screen, dress up like a celebrity, and have a great time doing so. Some beverages are free as well as a free desert bar. I am not sure how much tickets are, but i know they can be pricy. Call the State at 612-339-7007 for more information.

New City!!!

I would like to be the first to put a welcome on the boards for our newest city to the metroblogging community…MANILA!! You can go here: to check them out. Please go and welcome them. They deserve it!!

Smooth Jazz…

I had a friend from an old job celebrate her 21st birthday last week. She had a club that was her favorite so we all decided to meet her there. It was a fairly new club to the Twin Cities and I had never heard of it before. This club was none other than St.Paul’s very own Artists Quarter.

Now, I have to say that I am not really into jazz that much myself. I enjoy good vocal jazz, but often the solos during jazz bother the piss out of me. Yes, you can play your instrument, we know. Now play a song and quit trilling!! Anyway, this bar was PACKED on a Tuesday night. It was a place to see and be seen. Lot’s of hipsters from young to old. Fine looking females and males as far as the small room could hold. It was very smoky, which I guess is a given for a jazz club. The drinks were fairly reasonable and I didn’t get to try any food. The music was jumpy and bright. As far as jazz went, it was petty darn good. With only a two dollar cover, you really couldn’t go wrong.

Don’t go expecting to be able to freely converse. It was REALLY loud in this bar/lounge. I guess they have stand-up comedy some Monday nights. Might be worth checking that out as well…


Tonight, tomorrow and Thursday, the Oak Street Cinema is showing Jacques Tati’s Playtime, a 1960’s French comedy. Everyone should go see it, one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Indescribably beautifully filmed, and extremely funny. The Oak Street Theater is one of a few theaters in the TC that shows classic and foreign films and is independently owned and operated. The Uptown and Lagoon theaters are great and all, but they are part of a national chain, Landmark Theaters, and thus fall more under that control when deciding on what will be on the bill. The Oak Street, as part of Minnesota Film Arts along with U Film, has a lot more flexibility and a lot more surprises.

Playtime plays until Thursday. Don’t miss it!

lush life alert

There’s a major battle taking place in the TC on Sunday nights and the lines are being drawn in the slush. It’s all about where to go on a Sunday night, the Saloon or the ’90s. Both are 18+ nights, and up to now, the out and out winner has been the ’90s. It’s where everyone goes on a Sunday night, the place is packed and the drag show is in full force. Myself, I can’t stand it there on Sunday nights. There are too many kids and the performers only do songs that the young’uns like. As in, it’s all Top 40 K-DWeeB songs. Very crowded, very noisy, very smoky (at least until the end of March). The Saloon, on the other hand, has been a ghost town on Sundays. All that is about to change.

Thursday nights at the Saloon is the traditional 18+ night (actually, if I might digress briefly, years ago the Saloon started their 18+ nights on Sundays, way before the ’90s ever got in on it, then the Saloon started doing it on Thursdays, too. Thursdays turned out to be more popular, Sundays became 21 only. Now both nights are 18+, and a battle for the bodies has commenced) and the bartenders and bouncers have started giving away coupons for Sunday night that entitle the bearer to free drinks for themselves and a friend for one hour between 11:30 and 12:30. So, the Saloon has upped the ante a bit offering free rail drinks for an hour Sunday nights. I didn’t have a coupon and wasn’t with anyone who had one, but they didn’t charge me anyway. They also have their amateur shower dancer competition on Sundays, with the winner taking home 200 bucks, plus whatever they get in tips in the shower. And to top it off, the disco was playing ’80s pop and new wave.

I had a great time out there last night, as opposed to when I’ve been to the ’90s, and only tolerated it. Check it out and see what you think.

Fat Tuesday

Yes, I wish I was in New Orleans today too. I can just hear the sounds of street bands, smells of great food, and, of course, one cannot forget the intoxicating power of a Hurricane. Well, Minneapolis, we’re in luck. There’s this band called the Jack Brass Band. They are the only New Orleans style brass band in town. They won Best Specialty Band at the MMA awards this past year. Okay, they might be a bunch of white boys, but they are good at what they do, and can hang in Treme. TREME! I dare you to try that. Anyway, they are playing at Copeland’s tonight to celebrate Mardi Gras. Mmm… I can taste the Hurricanes already.

This is not an ad for Copeland’s or Jack Brass. Just thought some of you would like a NOLA celebration.

How dry I am….*hic*

This probably happened some time ago, but I just noticed it Monday on my way in to work. The liquor store at Nicollet and 15th, right by the overpass over 94, has closed. Marker Liquor, right by a bus stop, bane of my existence, is no more. Actually, it was never really the bane of my existence, but it seemed that when it was open, never could I stand at that bus stop without being hassled for change. I don’t know if that’s a feature of liquor stores near bus stops or not, but from purely anecdotal evidence, no liquor store means me not being bugged when I’m standing at the bus stop. It did seem like it was a little too close to some other liquor stores in the area for it to do well, but I don’t really know much more about its closing, other than that it’s not there any more.

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