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97 at Never

Has Cities 97 dispensed with its commercial-free programming blocks at 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM? I happened to catch a few minutes of the evening drive-time broadcast (what should be 97 at 4) earlier this week and the deejay was talking up a new

going out of town again

I may be taking the new leg of our light rail system tomorrow morning, out to the Twin Cities International Airport. A friend and I are flying to New York City tomorrow morning for an extended weekend. I’ll be out of town until Monday, and sadly, I’m not taking my laptop with me. We’re subletting someone’s spare bedroom, and I don’t feel comfortable leaving the Powerbook unsecured. I feel a bit more secure being where we’ll be than one of the hotels we were looking at, but not secure enough to chance it. So most likely, there will be no updates from me until I return. I don’t think I’ll be logging in from any Internet Cafes, too much to do, to much to see. But we’ll see.

Have a good rest of the week and weekend everyone. I’ll toast you all in the Big Apple!

Headline news!

Metrotransit, unbelievably, has done something right. They actually made my bus ride more convenient for me. Prior to this week, I caught the 9 bus a block away from my house and it dropped me off 4 blocks from work. Metrotransit changed the routes so that the 9 no longer travels through south Minneapolis and now I take the 11. The 11 still picks me up a block away from my house, but now it drops me off one block from where I work. Can you believe it? Now if only they’d build some more train routes to get me where I want to go.

Light (Rail) at the End of the Tunnel

Tomorrow the Hiawatha Light Rail Line is opening the Airport/Mall of America leg of the line. According to Metro Transit’s website, rides this weekend on the light rail are free to celebrate.

I’m ridiculously excited about the light rail project in Minneapolis. I have enjoyed rail systems both in the US and abroad as an affordable and convenient method of transit. As one friend said when the first leg of the light rail opened, it makes Minneapolis feel like a “grown-up city.” I even bought my condo where I did in part because of its proximity to a light rail station.

The Twin Cities have been plagued by horrible traffic management ever since I can remember. I remember the gargantuan Crosstown project to construct Highway 62 to connect parts west to the downtown core. It was a decent idea, right up until they botched the traffic flow of the Crosstown and 35W at Lyndale. It’s still a mess.

The light rail project seems light a light at the end of the traffic nightmare in the Cities. The Hiawatha Line wasn’t anyone’s first choice for a rail line, but it has proven popular. I heard reported recently that there’s a rapid transit (either express bus or light rail) initiative planned for the University Avenue corridor between Minneapolis and Saint Paul, which would be a welcome relief to traffic on 94, especially for games and events at the Excel Center in St. Paul (assuming we ever get NHL hockey back).

I most look forward to being able to take the train to the airport, saving me time and money for cab fares. Also being able to ride to the Mall of America (on those rare occasions I want to brave it), or better yet, Ikea.

So, get out for a ride on the light rail this weekend for a free trip, if you’ve got the chance.

Hungry in the Habitrail

I’m back in town and have started rambling through the skyways again during my lunch break. New stuff around every corner it seems, a Taco Johns here, the Subway has moved there, and new branches and arteries spring up all over. The skyway map kind of looks like an odd sort of circulatory system, with the people moving around like blood cells, and at night, the bloodflow slows down as only a few people move back and forth. There is still traffic above ground level all through the night, at any given hour in downtown. If you could see through all the walls, make all the walls invisible, what would it look like downtown? How many people are in the office buildings at 12? at 1? at 3 in the morning? More soon as condo after condo springs up. People having their homes downtown, what a concept. The skyway is your yard, and your neighbour is a business office. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live upstairs from some sort of shop, a coffeeshop or something, but living downtown, you’d be upstairs or next door from just about everything. Once they put in a grocery store connected to the skyway, you could just about never leave controlled circulation if you didn’t want to. It would make getting to the park a bit difficult, I suppose. There isn’t much in the way of greenery inside in downtown Minneapolis. Saint Paul does have an indoor garden, I think. Or at least they did. I wonder if it’s still there.

Need Pictures?

I just got my new headshots done so I could actually go out and be an actor. I go them as a birthday present from a really cool person I met through ComedySportz. She has her own company called Shooting Stars Portraits. She mostly works with children, but I have found she is a absolute wiz at headshots as well. They turned out terrific and I recommend her to anyone. Please go check out her work. She is an up and coming artist here in the Twin Cities. She will take pictures of families for Chistmas portraits if you need them. PLEASE call her up. Her pricing is very reasonable and you will be very pleased. Actors, parents, pet owners, you can do no wrong with her…

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