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You know how every so often you get a craving for something that you know isn’t very good, that after you ate it, you’ll probably regret it? This morning, my eye caught the coupons that my mom gave me a couple of weeks ago for McDonald’s new chicken tender things. I looked through the booklet and discovered that there were also some coupons for breakfast sandwiches. So I decided to hell with it, I want a sausage egg biscuit. Well, two, since the coupon is buy one, get one free. On my way to work, I stopped at the McD’s in City Center. Still open right now, but there’s a sign that says they’ll be closing. I believe the entire food court is going to close pending their continued remodeling. But I digress. McDonald’s in City Center was open for business, and I showed my coupon and ordered my breakfast sandwiches. The response I got was that the downtown Minneapolis McD’s don’t honor coupons. What? I knew they didn’t have a dollar menu, that they haven’t had one since the dollar menu concept started, but they don’t even honor coupons? What the hell? I can’t figure this out. Sure, they have high rent being in the location they are. But they charge more and have tremendous lunch rushes. During lunch, you’ll have to wait almost your entire luch time to get your food it seems like. So they should be making back the amount they lose with higher rent by higher prices and volume. So why no coupons? I think it’s greed, plain and simple. And another reason for me to continue to avoid McDonald’s. Especially the ones downtown.

P.S. They didn’t get any of my money, either. Upon finding out that they don’t honor coupons, I left without ordering anything.

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